NBA Playoffs: as a substitute, Luca Vildoza experienced the Bucks’ first win

1650288974 NBA Playoffs as a substitute Luca Vildoza experienced the Bucks

with the Argentine Luca Vildoza as a substitute, in his debut as Milwaukee player, the Bucks began the defense of the ring with a tight win against the Chicago Bulls 93-86. Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo, a finalist for the season’s MVP award, led Milwaukee with 27 points and 16 rebounds although he spent much of the … Read more

Mauricio Culebro compares transition of Tigres with the one Manchester United experienced with Ferguson

Mauricio Culebro compares transition of Tigres with the one Manchester

The president of the Tigers described the moment that Tuca Ferretti left the team and compared it to what Manchester United experienced when Sir Alex Ferguson left the club the president of tigers, Mauricio Culebrocompared the transition that the feline team has experienced in the last year with the departure of Ricardo Ferretti and the … Read more

Two days fleeing the war: the dramatic odyssey experienced by soccer player Claudio Spinelli to escape from Ukraine in the midst of the Russian attack

Two days fleeing the war the dramatic odyssey experienced by

Claudio Paul Spinelli took more than two days to cross the border with Poland (Photo: @SpinelliClaudio / File) Claudia speaks fast. In a hurry. Agitated. He hasn’t slept in more than two days. From Buenos Aires, he experienced the war in the first person. It is one more story that he carries on his shoulders … Read more

Flags against the leadership and whistles for the team: the hostile climate that was experienced in the PSG stadium

Flags against the leadership and whistles for the team the

Flags against the PSG board and players In what was the opening of a new day of the Ligue 1the top football tournament in France, the Paris Saint Germain achieved an agonizing victory and stretched the difference at the top of the positions. Thanks to both Kylian Mbappe in stoppage time after an assist from … Read more

Vucetich forced to straighten out the path with Chivas, to avoid what he experienced with Monterrey and Cruz Azul

Vucetich is on a slide with Chivas, a situation that must be reversed to avoid his departure as happened in Cruz Azul and Monterrey The technician Victor Manuel Vucetich going through a difficult time with Chivas in the Apertura 2021 Tournament, which seeks to rebuild to avoid the possibility of running with the same luck … Read more

El Tri, against an experienced Japan and with his own Diego Lainez

El Tri against an experienced Japan and with his own

After his devastating presentation at the Olympic Games where crushed France 4-1, the Mexican team now face Japan, the host box in Tokyo 2020 (Sunday, 06:00 Central Mexico Time), which boasts a well-directed team, with experience and youth in all parts of the field and with Takefusa kubo, the “Diego Lainez”Of the Japanese national team, … Read more