Mauricio Culebro compares transition of Tigres with the one Manchester United experienced with Ferguson

The president of the Tigers described the moment that Tuca Ferretti left the team and compared it to what Manchester United experienced when Sir Alex Ferguson left the club

the president of tigers, Mauricio Culebrocompared the transition that the feline team has experienced in the last year with the departure of Ricardo Ferretti and the arrival of Miguel Herrera to what the Man Utd when he saw the game after 27 years of Sir Alex Ferguson.

In an interview for ESPN, snake He expressed that the team sought not to suffer on a sporting level as the Red Devils have done, which have seen seven different coaches pass in the last nine years.

“As you mention the part of the change of the technical director, after so many years, of so many successes of Ricardo (Ferretti) it was not easy to change, in general you see important changes after a long time like the Man Utd, what he has suffered; So, for us it was important to make a change that the sports part and the team did not suffer in the results, of course that was a great challenge, also the demand of the fans, in the end we owe it to the fans, I have always said that many of us can be here, but the only ones who will always be, are the fans, it is also important that the fans are happy with the project, that they feel proud of their team, another important challenge was also to re-generate that communion between fans and team, I think that you do see the last games in the stadium today, I think we have been able to achieve it,” he said on the Now or Never program.

In the same vein, snake He asserted that since their arrival they have faced several challenges to keep pace with the Monterrey team.

“All the changes, after such a successful period when I arrived, there were many challenges and they continue to exist, right now we are doing well, but they measure us every seven days, we must continue working, we must not relax, we must continue working hard to that these results can continue to occur”, he declared.

In the same way, Mauricio Culebro mentioned that for the institution it is important to internationalize the tigers seeking alliances with global companies.

“We have always believed that the management, the people in long pants, is a reflection of what happens on the court, as you say, on the court it has been done with players of the stature of André (Gignac), Florian (Thauvin) and of all those who come from other countries, of course it is also our responsibility to be able to reflect that off the field. That is why we have always sought to have strategic alliances with brands that are at the forefront, industries that are at the forefront with the cryptocurrency issue, the alliance with Meta, which is a world top company, so that is what we also want. We want to attract more fans, more children, not only to soccer, but also to be fans of tigers“said the manager.


The manager assured that he is happy as head of the tigers and he would like to stay for many years, but he did not want to rule out that he could reach a position as a manager in the area or at a world level in the future.

“Of course we all have aspirations, and we always want to aspire to the people around us or the people we can inspire, after a year the truth is I see myself working for many years in tigersgiving the maximum and giving a lot of satisfaction and, later we will see, this industry is difficult, you cannot plan in the long term, it is a complex industry, it has its particularities, for the same reason we have to focus on the day to day”, he stated.

“In all the places I’ve been I always give more than one hundred percent, it’s what I’m passionate about, it’s my life. Today I have to be passionate about that institution, what I’ve received from people, what I’ve learned from this hobby, the demand always leads me to work to the fullest and today I am very focused on tigersI want to continue growing with tigersI want to give great satisfaction to its people and I want the fans to feel proud, not only of the team that is on the field, but of all of us who work in this wonderful institution,” added the team president.

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Mauricio Culebro compares transition of Tigres with the one Manchester United experienced with Ferguson