El Tri, against an experienced Japan and with his own Diego Lainez

El Tri against an experienced Japan and with his own

After his devastating presentation at the Olympic Games where crushed France 4-1, the Mexican team now face Japan, the host box in Tokyo 2020 (Sunday, 06:00 Central Mexico Time), which boasts a well-directed team, with experience and youth in all parts of the field and with Takefusa kubo, the “Diego Lainez”Of the Japanese national team, in addition to reinforcements with European experience, so Asians won’t be a sweet tooth for the Aztecs.

Hajime moriyasu is the coach of this team that debuted with triumph in Tokyo 2020 when hitting 1-0 to South Africa and now there will come a true litmus test for the Japanese.

Of the elements that attract the most attention is undoubtedly Kubo, 20 years old who, similar to Diego Lainez, came soon to Europe in 2019 and although it belongs to Real Madrid already played for him Majorca, Villarreal and in the Getafe.

A Japanese man who knows Erick Gutiérrez and Antuna

Midfielder Ritsu doan also plays in Europe with the PSV Eindhoven, where he plays with Erick Gutierrez and before he did it in the Groningen and played with Uriel antuna, who will meet this Sunday at the Saitama Stadium.

East japanese combined has 9 footballers in Europe and in addition to the aforementioned there are also the 3 oldest have or had experience in the Old continent.

Maya Yoshida, team captain and player of the Sampdoria from Italy, Hiroki sakai, recently repatriated to Japan Y Wataru endo, currently in the Stuttgart from Germany.

In fact Yoshida play your third Olympic Games, since it was in Beijing 2008 Y London 2012.

In my first Olympics, only a few young Japanese players played in Europe. But, today, we have many there. Obviously, the other countries are also evolving, so we must keep up with them and continue to improve as well, “Yoshida told FIFA.

“This is why these Olympic Games are such an important opportunity for us. I want this team to play well and reach the final“, He said.

Japan has representatives in Netherlands (Doan, Yuta Nakayama and Kou Itakura), Italy (Maya Yoshida and Takehiro Tomiyasu), Belgium (Daiki Hashioka and Koji Miyoshi), Spain (Kubo) and Germany (Wataru Endo).

In the squad there is a player with a more than peculiar story, it is the case of Zion suzuki, one of the Japanese goalkeepers who was born in the United States, of a Ghanaian mother and Japanese father.