SPEAKED Alexander Malleta: “Industrialists are going to give war”

SPEAKED Alexander Malleta Industrialists are going to give war

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas The former first baseman for Industriales, Alexander Malleta, He is one of the best left-handed hitters to make it through the capital’s teams in the National Series. Throughout his 22 seasons, Malleta hit 257 home runs with 1,211 RBIs and 1002 runs scored, leaving an offensive line of .408 / … Read more

MLB proposes measure to eliminate salary arbitration and pay for WAR

While the MLB season is very little over and the free agent negotiations appear to be taking a lot of traction in these first weeks of the offseason, the upcoming expiration. of the joint contract between the union and Major League Baseball doubts the realization of the next season, being able to trigger a possible … Read more

The unexpected judicial war that exploded for the Napoli shirt with the face of Maradona

Mertens, with the tribute shirt, which made its debut last weekend, in Napoli’s 1-1 draw against Hellas Verona (REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini) Within days of the first anniversary of the death of Diego Maradona, his greatest idol, Napoli decided to honor him with a special shirt, who already stood out in the draw against Hellas … Read more

Scottie Pippen and his war with Michael Jordan set the NBA on fire

Lto open war between Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan seems to have only just begun and there are already two very different camps between the supporters of one and the other. The Arkansas forward opened the crossfire by revealing passages from his memoirs in which he charges against the mythical ’23’ whom he accuses of … Read more

“It was a war”

Marcos Ferreira 6

Anthony Dandrige was essential for Stockolmo to overcome Danubio and reach the semifinals of El Metro. After the decisive game, he spoke with Basketball Total. On his feelings after the victory, he said: “I am very happy for the team. We made a lot of mistakes and a lot of different things, we have to … Read more

Luis Suárez declares war on James Rodríguez: The repercussions

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Luis Suárez unleashed a wave of repercussions, after publishing a photo that was branded as “treason” towards James Rodríguez. September 17, 2021 · 9:00 p.m. Luis Suárez was accused of declaring war on James Rodríguez for something he was doing and that has nothing to do with the world of football. If something was missing … Read more

The dangerous tug of war between Laporta and Koeman


Barcelona lives in constant alertness. The dramatic financial situation means that from one day to another Messi goes from signing his renewal to leaving the club or to the last day of the market changing Griezmann for Luuk de Jong, among many others. Decisions marked by a battered economy that does not give for more. … Read more

El Salvador vs Honduras: What was the Soccer War and why was it called that?

“Football is the most important among the least important things”, a phrase in which Jorge Valdano perfectly explains the value of this sport in everyday life, however, on many occasions, the passion and interests that overflow go beyond 22 footballers and a ball inside the green rectangle, since it has even been subjected to serious … Read more