DRAMATIC: Mayabeque CLASSIFIED to the Series 61 playoffs after submitting La Isla

DRAMATIC Mayabeque CLASSIFIED to the Series 61 playoffs after submitting

By Robiel Vega/@robielcuba87 The recovery days continued this Monday, May 16, and a new team officially qualified for the postseason of the 61st National Series. Nobody doubted that the Hurricanes could not be in the big party, but it was not until they reached their 41st victory they did not achieve their goal. The Pirates … Read more

Two days fleeing the war: the dramatic odyssey experienced by soccer player Claudio Spinelli to escape from Ukraine in the midst of the Russian attack

Two days fleeing the war the dramatic odyssey experienced by

Claudio Paul Spinelli took more than two days to cross the border with Poland (Photo: @SpinelliClaudio / File) Claudia speaks fast. In a hurry. Agitated. He hasn’t slept in more than two days. From Buenos Aires, he experienced the war in the first person. It is one more story that he carries on his shoulders … Read more

The heroes and the villain in the dramatic victory of the Knicks | Long live basketball

1641588184 The heroes and the villain in the dramatic victory of

The triumph over the Celtics will be one of those games that remains recorded as one of the memorable moments in the history of Madison Square Garden and although today everyone celebrates the dramatic shot of RJ Barrett, who became the hero, the story also tells us leaves a villain: Julius Randle. Barrett and Fournier … Read more

Bears’ dramatic win over Seahawks in NFL week 16

Bears dramatic win over Seahawks in NFL week 16

Jimmy graham caught a 15-yard touchdown pass from Nick foles when there was 1:01 left to play, Damiere Byrd performed an acrobatic reception for a two-point conversion and the Chicago Bears they surpassed 25-24 Seattle Seahawks. In his first game as a starter since last season, Foles led the Bears 80 yards in the final … Read more

The Tottenham footballer who saved the life of a fan revealed details of the dramatic moment

The fan recovered after the heart attack (Reuters) This weekend the match corresponding to the 8th day of the Premier League that faced the Newcastle and to Tottenham was interrupted by the referee shortly before half-time after a fan suffered a heart problem in the stands. With the score 2-1 in favor of the Londoners, … Read more

Dramatic request for help from a mother to recover her daughters who are in Quaraí –Brazil- with a fugitive from Uruguayan justice | Daily Change

María José Moreira

By Andrés TorterolaOn repeated occasions, border cities are used as a refuge by people who have fled from justice.María José Moreira is Uruguayan, she is 30 years old, with a daughter of one and a half years and another of 8 months. He lived for three years with his partner in the city of Artigas, … Read more

Everything was known! Dramatic salary cut and signing by Falcao’s friend


Falcao does not do things like everyone else and that is the root of the admiration he arouses in the world of football. His last signing for Rayo Vallecano of Spain, in which he has scored two goals in 33 minutes, is one more test. This Thursday the newspaper El Mundo has revealed unknown details … Read more

Christian Eriksen will be the guest of honor in the final of the Eurocup: the dramatic moment he overcame and how his football career will continue

Christian Eriksen will be the guest of honor in the

Eriksen’s goal is to smile again on a soccer field (Photo: REUTERS) In the absence of a single game to end a new edition of the Eurocup, undoubtedly this tournament will be marked by a fact that worried the whole world: the cardiac arrest that he suffered Christian eriksen in the match between Denmark Y … Read more