Vucetich forced to straighten out the path with Chivas, to avoid what he experienced with Monterrey and Cruz Azul

Vucetich is on a slide with Chivas, a situation that must be reversed to avoid his departure as happened in Cruz Azul and Monterrey

The technician Victor Manuel Vucetich going through a difficult time with Chivas in the Apertura 2021 Tournament, which seeks to rebuild to avoid the possibility of running with the same luck that he had with teams such as Monterrey and Cruz Azul, with them he took similar steps and was dismissed from his position.

Guadalajara has achieved only one victory in this tournament, which was on the second day against Puebla, after having lost in the first against Atlético de San Luis 2-1.

The team battled for the following commitments, had two draws against Juárez and Santos, but on the fifth day they suffered a 3-0 defeat against León, for which the followers of the Sacred Rebaño asked for the departure of the helmsman.

Ricardo Peláez, sports director of Chivas, He did not rule out yesterday the possibility of making changes where they are needed, given the situation that the Guadalajara team is going through in this tournament.

The passage of a win, two draws and two setbacks is something similar to what Vucetich lived with Monterrey in the Apertura 2013, a contest in which he was stopped due to the pothole in which the team entered.

Victor Manuel Vucetich Guided the Monterrey team to its golden age, as they won two League titles that were the Apertura 2009 and Apertura 2010, as well as three crowns in the Concacaf Champions League, which allowed them to attend the same number of Club World Cups. which highlighted the one from 2012 in which they finished in third place.

However, gradually the team was less and in the Apertura 2013 was dismissed after five days played, in which he accumulated three draws and two setbacks.

Something similar lived with Blue Cross in Summer 1997, a tournament in which he stayed until the eighth date, after having directed the squad in Winter 1996, since he had a balance of three victories, one draw and three setbacks.

In Jaguares something similar happened to him, by virtue of which he arrived at the team for the sixth day of the Clausura 2007, but he could not achieve prominence and in the Apertura 2007 he left the club after a balance of a win, three draws and the same number of setbacks After seven days, while in the 2006 Apertura with Veracruz something similar also happened to him, because he left his post after six dates in which he had two wins, one tied and three defeats.

Vucetich He has won five titles in the First Division of Mexican soccer that were with León, Tecos, Pachuca and two with Striped, but with Chivas he has not been able to take it to the championship.

In the Apertura 2020 he led the team to the league, in which he was eliminated in the semifinals after losing against León, while in the Clausura 2021 he remained in reclassification, but now he is in the fight to improve with the team to rebuild the way and climb positions in the general table, in which they occupy the twelfth place.