The participation of Regatas, Belgrano and Somisa in the Federal League is being experienced with great enthusiasm, passion and euphoria – with their fans filling the San Nicolás and Rosario stadiums. However, on Sunday in the classic between regatans and somiseros that was played in “La Ribera” there was a moment of tension during halftime … Read more

He was going to dump the ball and they hit him brutally in the air: “It’s one of the most dangerous plays I’ve ever seen”

He was going to dump the ball and they hit

Clemson’s David Collins hit Duke’s Wendell Moore During the victory of Duke for 82-64 about Clemson there was a play late in the first half that left everyone terrified. David Collinsescort of the Tigersdangerously collided with Wendell Moore Jr. in the middle of a dunk and made him fall in a very spectacular way. The … Read more

Diagonals Guru: The NFL is headed in a dangerous direction

MIAMI – I still remember the tutorials that the NFL showed in Latin America as if it were yesterday. In a snippet of one of them, one of my favorite players from my childhood, Denver Broncos safety Steve Atwater, would suddenly appear on the screen flying horizontally to deliver a tremendous blow to an opposing … Read more

The dangerous tug of war between Laporta and Koeman


Barcelona lives in constant alertness. The dramatic financial situation means that from one day to another Messi goes from signing his renewal to leaving the club or to the last day of the market changing Griezmann for Luuk de Jong, among many others. Decisions marked by a battered economy that does not give for more. … Read more

Dangerous curve

In the game that started the seventh date of El Metro, the faces 25 de Agosto and Danubio were seen. The former came from falling to Colón at the close of the match, while the latter, in their last presentation, had been defeated by Verdirrojo. Alejandro Muro presented a quintet made up of Lucas Capalbo, … Read more