Dangerous curve

In the game that started the seventh date of El Metro, the faces 25 de Agosto and Danubio were seen. The former came from falling to Colón at the close of the match, while the latter, in their last presentation, had been defeated by Verdirrojo. Alejandro Muro presented a quintet made up of Lucas Capalbo, Brian García, Sebastián Vázquez, Héctor Silva and Franco Pennacchiotti from Bahia. For his part, Guido Fernández started with Santiago Fernández, Sebastián Álvarez, Matías Nicoletti, Nicolás Andreoli and Martín Chervo from Entre Ríos. Those in charge of administering justice were Ricardo Olivera, Carlos Romero and Álvaro Labiuza.

The match played at the Romeo Schinca gym in La Unión had a very attractive start, in which both teams had a highly inspired player. The “local” team hurt through Matías Nicoletti, who took the place of Luciano Planells in the starting five, while the “visitor” team hurt with the pitches from beyond the 6.75 meters of Lucas Capalbo. With four consecutive bombs in the hands of their previously mentioned captain, Santiago Fernández, Nicolás Andreoli and Sebastián Álvarez, the latter with a foul included, those on the Maroñas curve placed a partial 19-4, which gave them the chance to open an advantage of ten units (24-14). A triple from Brian Garcia’s corner broke the scoring drought of the twenty, which had remained at 14 for more than three minutes. When it seemed that his rival was quickly neutralizing the difference, the black dresses again found the outside goal, this time through Ángel Varela, who from the substitute bench made two triples, one of them was very close to breaking the acrylic . Those on José Luis Bado Street did not find solutions in defense, while on the other side of the rectangle they depended purely and exclusively on what some individuality could generate. In the worst moment of his team, the figure of Lucas Capalbo appeared again, with eight points in a row, causing 25 to narrow the gap at the end of the initial stage.

At the beginning of the second half, the fringes were at the forefront in the electronic in figures from 47 to 41. In the first bars of the complement, the cast of Villa Dolores finished specifying the reaction that had begun at the end of the first half. With a Capalbo in murderous mode from the perimeter, well supported by Brian García and Franco Pennacchiotti, the local put a resounding 14-2, which allowed him to get an income of six points (55-49). Those led by Guido Fernández were left without a goal and without Nicoletti, who reached five personal fouls averaging the third period. Between the closing of said quarter and the start of the last one, the visit managed to equalize the actions, being decisive for this their internal game made up of Damián Mujica and Martín Chervo, who took many attack rebounds and transformed them into second-chance points. As happened in the triumph over Tabaré on the fourth date, Luciano Planells assumed full responsibility and with three doubles in a row, he made Maroñas’s men go ahead in the score. With the fifth exit of Pennacchiotti, those led by Alejandro Muro ended up falling apart, both in attack and defense. With a triple by Eingel Varela in the absence of 01:08, the strip took a difference of seven units that would be lapidary for the aspirations of August 25. Finally, Danubio was left with the victory by 82 to 76 and in this way he reaped his third victory in the tournament.

In the winner, the figure of Argentine Martín Chervo stood out, who scored 18 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, well seconded by Ángel Varela with 13 points and 4 assists. On the loser’s side, Lucas Capalbo finished as the game’s top scorer with 27 points.

The next match for the Villa Dolores lion will be on Tuesday, when he has to face Stockolmo first thing in the morning. On that same day, but in the second round, the fringed team will face Unión Atlética.