Mexico, fine or reduction of points among the possible sanctions for discriminatory shouting in Qatar 2022

Colombia 0 0 Mexico asi fue la segunda salida en el

An investigation was opened against Mexico for possible discriminatory shouting during the debut of the team in Qatar 2022. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee opened an investigation against Mexicofor alleged discriminatory shouting in the match between the Aztec team and Poland in Qatar 2022, in the middle of the campaign of the highest soccer body against … Read more

FMF responds to the Chamber of Deputies on FIFA regulations regarding punishment for shouting

FMF responds to the Chamber of Deputies on FIFA regulations

The FMF, through Yon de Luisa, reiterated that the body has no interference in the parties in which the sanction will be fulfilled The Mexican Soccer Federation spoke before the Chamber of Deputies for the reaction of the Gender Equality Commission of the San Lázaro campus, before the alleged intention of the FMF to make … Read more

Chucky Lozano agrees to score goals, if the fans stop shouting “Eeeeeh pu …”

Chucky Lozano agrees to score goals if the fans stop

The Mexican forward also proposes to change the homophobic cry to avoid more severe punishments for Mexico During the participation of Yon de Luisa and the Chucky lozano at a discussion table held in WRadio, whose main theme was the situation that the Mexican team due to the homophobic scream that has been present in … Read more