Mexico, fine or reduction of points among the possible sanctions for discriminatory shouting in Qatar 2022

An investigation was opened against Mexico for possible discriminatory shouting during the debut of the team in Qatar 2022.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee opened an investigation against Mexicofor alleged discriminatory shouting in the match between the Aztec team and Poland in Qatar 2022, in the middle of the campaign of the highest soccer body against discrimination. The sanction could be from a fine to the reduction of points.

According to article 13 of the Disciplinary Code, the sanctions for the homophobic shout could be from a fine to a reduction of points or the exclusion from the competition of the team that is responsible.

The highest soccer body announced an investigation against Mexicobecause “The Disciplinary Commission of the FIFA opened a case against the Mexican Football Federation by the songs of the Mexican fans during the match Mexico vs. Poland FIFA World Cup match played on November 22.”

According to sources consulted, the chants were in the first half of the commitment against the Poles and it will be the disciplinary commission that decides if the investigation proceeds or is rejected, in “the times that they consider necessary”, because it has independence.

According to article 13 of the disciplinary code, in the event that the investigation progresses, a fine of 20,000 Swiss francs would be sanctioned, in the best of scenarios, or exclusion from the competition, but for this punishment the penalty should have been applied. protocol against discrimination.

“When it comes to recidivism or if the circumstances of the case require it, disciplinary measures such as the implementation of a prevention plan, a fine, the deduction of points, the dispute of one or more games behind closed doors, the prohibition to play in a stadium”, is described in article 13 of its Disciplinary Code.

For now, Mexico await the outcome of the investigation Disciplinary Commissionto find out if he is fined again for the FIFA for the homophobic cry, or the file against him is declined.

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Mexico, fine or reduction of points among the possible sanctions for discriminatory shouting in Qatar 2022