Mexico, fine or reduction of points among the possible sanctions for discriminatory shouting in Qatar 2022

Colombia 0 0 Mexico asi fue la segunda salida en el

An investigation was opened against Mexico for possible discriminatory shouting during the debut of the team in Qatar 2022. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee opened an investigation against Mexicofor alleged discriminatory shouting in the match between the Aztec team and Poland in Qatar 2022, in the middle of the campaign of the highest soccer body against … Read more

This would be the reduction of jobs in the Minor Leagues

This would be the reduction of jobs in the Minor

Frederlin Castro | @fr3djcd MLB is looking at the possibility of reducing the size of the Domestic Reserve List in the latest job offer to the players union. What is it about Nowadays, the national reserve list that governs the number of minor league players a team can roster at any one time is 180. … Read more

Everything was known! Dramatic salary cut and signing by Falcao’s friend


Falcao does not do things like everyone else and that is the root of the admiration he arouses in the world of football. His last signing for Rayo Vallecano of Spain, in which he has scored two goals in 33 minutes, is one more test. This Thursday the newspaper El Mundo has revealed unknown details … Read more

Sergio Busquets and Sergi Roberto, imminent salary reduction agreement

The captains of FC Barcelona have shown their barcelonismo and commitment, accepting a significant salary reduction in order for the club to come out of an unprecedented economic crisis, which is even making it difficult for it to register all the players on the squad in LaLiga. In fact, it was not until the agreement … Read more

Jordi Alba on his reduction: ‘My predisposition is to help the club’

Jordi Alba on his reduction My predisposition is to help

Editorial Mediotiempo Barcelona / 08.15.2021 18:32:48 At the end of the match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad, which the Catalans won 4-2, Jordi Alba spoke with the media and clarified some things about the criticism he has received in recent days, which indicate that he is not committed to the club and that, therefore, his … Read more

The economic proposal of the club to the captains: reduction of 40% of salary this season

The economic proposal of the club to the captains reduction

FC Barcelona continues with its race against time to reduce the huge salary mass and get within the ratios allowed by the financial ‘fair play’ to be able to refer to Leo Messi. Apart from the obligatory exits that the club will have to make in the form of transfers, assignments or exchanges, there are … Read more