Mexico, fine or reduction of points among the possible sanctions for discriminatory shouting in Qatar 2022

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An investigation was opened against Mexico for possible discriminatory shouting during the debut of the team in Qatar 2022. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee opened an investigation against Mexicofor alleged discriminatory shouting in the match between the Aztec team and Poland in Qatar 2022, in the middle of the campaign of the highest soccer body against … Read more

One by one: sports sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine

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From not going to the World Cup in Qatar or participating in the Paralympic Winter Games to having to participate without a flag in the different competitions. Review the announcements of each Federation after the Russia-Ukraine war. War Ukraine – Russia, LIVE: today’s latest news, minute by minute … Read more

FIFA sanctions Honduras for discrimination in game against the United States

The secretary of Fenafuth indicated that the country has been sanctioned by FIFA with 65,000 dollars, because of some 50 or 60 people FIFA sanctioned Honduras for “discriminatory” conduct by some fans during the home game against the United States, from the Concacaf octagonal for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, an official source in Tegucigalpa … Read more

COFECE sanctions 17 Liga MX clubs and the FMF for colluding in the soccer player transfer market

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17 Liga MX clubs received a sanction from COFECE after acting improperly during the last transfer window Three years and three months after initiating an exhaustive investigation into the way in which players are recruited in Mexican soccer, the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE) imposed fines to 17 clubs, to Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) and … Read more

Brazil – Argentina suspended, live: controversy, possible sanctions and news, live | Last minute

Statement from ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) Faced with the information that four Argentine players entered Brazil in breach of the country’s health regulations, by allegedly declaring false information in an official form of the Brazilian health authority, Anvisa met with representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Coordination of Disease Control of the … Read more

They ask for exemplary sanctions for the incident of tortillas thrown at Latinos

They ask for exemplary sanctions for the incident of tortillas

Los Angeles, (EFE News) .- Southern California parents, activists and teachers called Tuesday for exemplary sanctions in connection with the incident in which tortillas were thrown at a basketball team at a predominantly Latino school in the San Diego area. The incident occurred last Saturday when, at the end of the game, people threw tortillas … Read more