FMF responds to the Chamber of Deputies on FIFA regulations regarding punishment for shouting

The FMF, through Yon de Luisa, reiterated that the body has no interference in the parties in which the sanction will be fulfilled

The Mexican Soccer Federation spoke before the Chamber of Deputies for the reaction of the Gender Equality Commission of the San Lázaro campus, before the alleged intention of the FMF to make the Women’s National Team pay the sanction of two matches imposed by FIFA, due to the homophobic cry.

The Mexican Soccer Federation, through Yon de Luisa, clarified in a letter sent the president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Dulce María Sauri Riancho, that The body that governs Mexican soccer is waiting for FIFA to determine the matches where the sanction received will be applied.

In this process, he assured, the FMF does not have any interference, for which reason it maintained that it “categorically rejects” that it is seeking to affect the Women’s National Team.

It should be remembered that FIFA imposed the aforementioned punishment on the Mexican National Team, after the discriminatory cry from the fans will be heard in two matches of the Pre-Olympic Tournament.

“We regret the confusion that the false headline of a medium generated,” said de Luisa, and assured that in the FMF they share with the Gender Equality Commission “the importance of empowering women, assessing and responsibly assuming the power of convocation that has our sport. “

Likewise, Yon de Luisa affirmed that the organization he represents has designed a strategy for the growth of women’s soccer “through three lines of work: talent training, talent development, and women’s soccer training as a vehicle for equity and empowerment of women. in Mexico”.

“With this framework, executives, directors and technical directors have been trained in gender equality; an exclusive communication strategy for women’s football has been designed; the FMF and Liga MX Women’s Committee was established, and various alliances have been made aimed at towards this same purpose “, concluded the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation.

It should be noted that the letter sent by Yon de Luisa was turned over to Lic. Hugo Christian Rosas de León, Secretary of Parliamentary Services, to give it the channel they deem appropriate.