Fifty years later, Curt Flood’s sacrifice has yet to be celebrated

Fifty years later Curt Floods sacrifice has yet to be

On Sunday, the American nation will celebrate Juneteenth, the date slaves in Texas were told they were free. For me, June 19 also represents a significant event in baseball history. Curt Flood lost his challenge to MLB’s reserve clause in 1972. Three years later, an arbitrator ruled that two pitchers could trade with any team … Read more

MLB has already raised its numbers, although players will have to sacrifice other details, according to a report

MLB has already raised its numbers although players will have

MLB offered to increase the base luxury tax threshold to $228 million next seasonand that number will rise to $238 million over the course of the CBA, details famed journalist Evan Drellich, Senior Writer for The Athletic That’s a pretty notable jump from previous MLB offers to start that mark at $220 million and increase … Read more

DUKE HERNÁNDEZ: “Everyone thinks about money, but nobody knows the player’s sacrifice”

By Migue Guerra Baseball is undoubtedly one of the sports that handles the most money in the world. Every year we see how players receive huge amounts of money for rendering their services in different baseball franchises, especially in the best league in the world, MLB. However, these huge amounts of money represent a great … Read more

The tremendous sacrifice that FC Barcelona will make to be able to renew Lionel Messi

The tremendous sacrifice that FC Barcelona will make to be

President Joan Laporta He saved the furniture from short-term payments with the financing of the debt of up to 525 million euros that the General Assembly of Committees approved last Sunday, but now he must face another headache with the obligation to reduce this summer the mass salary in 200 million to meet the requirements … Read more