DUKE HERNÁNDEZ: “Everyone thinks about money, but nobody knows the player’s sacrifice”

By Migue Guerra

Baseball is undoubtedly one of the sports that handles the most money in the world. Every year we see how players receive huge amounts of money for rendering their services in different baseball franchises, especially in the best league in the world, MLB.

However, these huge amounts of money represent a great sacrifice that players must make on and off the baseball field, a sacrifice that we as fans do not know in depth.

Luckily we were able to find out more about this interesting topic in the stellar “Complete Swing Show” chen we spoke directly with one of the most important figures in Cuban baseball, Orlando “El Duke” Hernández, who told us about the day-to-day life of a player in the major leagues, and what his effort and dedication represent.

“Nobody knows the sacrifice of a player, everyone when it comes to a player thinks of money. Gentlemen to see one day of a player. “

“The batters above all things, they arrive at the stadium one or two in the afternoon for the game at seven at night, since they arrive they are working with swings and swings so that at four in the afternoon they go out to the field. They do batting practice, come back, eat something and come back to keep swinging, then the game starts. “

“Gentlemen arrive at your house at twelve o’clock at night or twelve thirty, depending on the distance from the stadium and depending on the time the game ends. When they get home the children are already sleeping, when they get up in the morning the children go to school, it means that when they get up, the children are already in school. “

“Gentlemen, it is not the money, it is the sacrifice an athlete has to make to stay in the big leagues, to stay at a level, be it Triple A or Double A, wherever. It’s difficult, it’s not that easy. “

Find out all the words of Orlando “El Duke” Hernández in the following video:

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