Video: Argentina’s victory against Croatia was celebrated in the middle of a basketball game in Serbia

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

Due to the geopolitical dispute that they have had for years, the typical chant to bankroll the Albiceleste Selection was introduced during a match in Belgrade, for the Euroleague. In the midst of all the criticism that the Argentine National Team received, even with some sectors exaggerating that the whole world was against the national … Read more

World Series: It stayed in the family! Darren Baker thus celebrated the victory of his father Dusty in SM vs Phillies

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After Kenny Lofton flied out to Angels center fielder Darin Erstad to end the 2002 World Series, Giants manager, Dusty Baker, carrying his 3-year-old son, Darren Baker, from the dugout to the clubhouse. Little Darren was crying, upset that his father lost the Fall Classic. Twenty years later, it was a different story. Darren, a … Read more

Fifty years later, Curt Flood’s sacrifice has yet to be celebrated

Fifty years later Curt Floods sacrifice has yet to be

On Sunday, the American nation will celebrate Juneteenth, the date slaves in Texas were told they were free. For me, June 19 also represents a significant event in baseball history. Curt Flood lost his challenge to MLB’s reserve clause in 1972. Three years later, an arbitrator ruled that two pitchers could trade with any team … Read more

Argentina beat Brazil in the last play and celebrated at the Pan-American basketball tournament for players over 75 years old

1648312524 Argentina beat Brazil in the last play and celebrated at

The victory took place within the framework of the Pan American Maxibasketball Championship in Paraná, Entre Ríos In the framework of Pan American Maxi Basketball that took place in the city of Paraná, Entre Ríos, a significant event took place and that marks that the practice of sports has no age. The Argentine team of … Read more

Denver celebrated on their return home and with good minutes from Campazzo

1644930311 Denver celebrated on their return home and with good minutes

After visits to Boston Y torontowith a balance of a victory and a fall, the Nuggets they returned to Denver and the return home could not have been better. It is that in another great night of Nikola Jokic, those led by Michael Malone they won 121-111 to Orlando Magic and remain sixth in the … Read more

PHOTOS: Athletes from El Salvador celebrated Christmas and shared it with their followers | News from El Salvador

PHOTOS Athletes from El Salvador celebrated Christmas and shared it

The social media accounts of several Salvadoran athletes dressed in the colors of Christmas and the celebration of Christmas Eve that they made visible to their fans In a personal way, as a family, in the country, outside the country … Salvadoran athletes did not miss the occasion of Christmas to celebrate in their own … Read more

LUB: Goes celebrated a tight win

LUB Goes celebrated a tight win

LUB: Goes celebrated a tight win Goes beat Capitol 70:66 at the Prado for the sixth round of the Uruguayan Basketball League 2021/2022. The missionaries reached the fifth victory in the tournament. Joaquín Osimani (Goes) takes the ball before the mark of Davaunta Thomas (Capitol). Martin Bachs December 2, 2021 Basketball LUB 2021/2022 Capitol 66:70 … Read more

It is celebrated with Miller

The first minute was played with great uncertainty and intensity. It was difficult for both to score, Manuel Romero from his pike involved Charles Hinkle in the post, and Quincy Miller with his fourth distance shot. However, Olimpia closed in a 2-3 zone and could contain the 1 × 1 of Romero and Moglia. The … Read more

After the crisis, Mauro Icardi celebrated a new anniversary with Wanda Nara: “Many dreams to live”

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara Two days after Wanda Nara confirmed her reconciliation with Mauro Icardi, the PSG forward shared a post on Instagram to celebrate a new anniversary next to the businesswoman. After the scandalous crisis they went through, both decided to leave the conflict behind and they returned to show themselves as a … Read more