La Novena: Of challenges in social networks, cinema… and without Correa there is paradise

Change of plans Braves activate Ronald Acuna Jr

1. WHILE The Mets, Yankees, Los Angeles Angels and Minnesota Twins have hogged the spotlight so far in the 2022 campaign, the Houston Astros have gone under the radar and, without much fuss, remain at the top of the food chain. Despite the regrets, and the fact that many fans still boo them for the … Read more

MLB: Hotel sues Astros 3B Alex Bregman for more than $50,000

MLB Hotel sues Astros 3B Alex Bregman for more than

Various media reported that Alex Bregman files a lawsuit against you on behalf of a resort hotel. The demand towards the player of the Houston Astros in MLB rises by more than $50 thousand dollars and has as its motive the theme of the cancellation of his wedding with his then-girlfriend, in 2020. According to … Read more

Buster Olney’s top 10 for 2022: The best MLB infielders

Buster Olneys top 10 for 2022 The best MLB infielders

The intrigue surrounding the best class of free-agent shortstops boils down to one final duo. Shortly after the next collective agreement is agreed, Carlos Correa Y Trevor Story they’ll sign big deals, and then much from the transactional focus of the sport will shift to another position: third base, including the guy who is ranked … Read more

La Novena: Yes from Ohtani to the HR Derby put in evidence the rest of the mortals

La Novena Yes from Ohtani to the HR Derby put

1. NO LONGER NEWS, what could be the most mediatic Home Run Derby in history was ruined. It seemed possible to reunite Pete alonso, the defending champion of the event, and four of the players vying for the throne of the best player in the Majors – a condition that still holds Mike trout-, and … Read more