La Novena: Yes from Ohtani to the HR Derby put in evidence the rest of the mortals

1. NO LONGER NEWS, what could be the most mediatic Home Run Derby in history was ruined. It seemed possible to reunite Pete alonso, the defending champion of the event, and four of the players vying for the throne of the best player in the Majors – a condition that still holds Mike trout-, and that coincidentally they are among the five best home runners this season: Shohei ohtani (28 HR- No.1), Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (26- No.2) and Fernando Tatis Jr. (26- No.2) and Ronald Acuna Jr (22- No.22). Confirmed: Alonso and Ohtani; Doubt: Acuña Jr .; Short: Vlad and Tatis. The Dominicans did want to compete. (Vladdy already did it in 2019 and it was quite a show). Both made their wish public on more than one occasion. They were excited. They knew the mega show they could put on. And they … like that bachata. However, they will miss out on the competition because apparently someone “suggested” them not to. From that moment, the excuses began. What if the need to rest for the second half; that if the swing is damaged or that the shoulder injury could be aggravated. I read these lines and I can’t stop thinking about modern boxing, where the best rarely clash with the best and make excuses – like those of Vlad Jr. and Tatis Jr. – to justify the unjustifiable. The worst thing is that many fans swallow such lies.

2. LET’S BE SENSATE, Vlad and Tatis are worth a lot of money. It is not a crime for Toronto Blue Jays and San Diego Padres owners to protect such valuable assets. But please respect the intelligence of others. Just … don’t lie. Tell the truth, the fans deserve it. I reiterate, neither one nor the other will participate because from above came the mandate of the guy who puts the green bills, and that they, as Don Vito Corleone would say, “will not be able to reject.” Do not force the boys to make up the situation with phrases that sound incoherent right now when a guy like Ohtani, who is a two-way player and already underwent surgery for a Tommy John, said YES, in capital letters, to the party. That the Japanese participate in the Home Run Derby demolishes any argument for not participating in the present and in the future. No one, absolutely no one, puts himself at greater risk than him. And there it will be.

3. THE PARADOXES of the life. Carlos Correa he was the most visible face of the Puerto Rican super shortstop group that burst into the majors almost in unison. They accompanied him Francisco Lindor Y Javier Baez. Everything was going smoothly for the top pick in the 2012 draft and the 2017 World Series winner with the Houston Astros, but injuries began to turn the tide. So much so that no statistic better reflects his decline than the “discreet” $ 120 million over six years the Astros offered him last offseason. Paquito Lindor signed with the New York Mets for $ 341 million and several experts believe that Baez will achieve something in the orbit of $ 200 million. Was Houston’s proposal an affront? Let’s not think bad; Astros did not minimize Correa’s value. He simply offered his fair share for a player with a medical record thicker than a birthday cake. I don’t know if it was consciously or unconsciously, but that proposal did the Puerto Rican a favor. Yes, a favor. He hurt his self-esteem. And today Correa is recovering the status that he had years ago. He put the house in order, doing his thing with the glove, but especially with the wood. His .296 AVE / .395 OBP / .521 SLG / .916 OPS offensive line, which includes 15 homers, 49 RBIs and a 4.1 WAR, puts him in a prime position to test free agency at the end of this season. I don’t think it comes close to Lindor’s figure, but I am convinced that it will receive much more than the $ 120 million from Astros. How much? I’d bet in the range of $ 200 to $ 250 million.