WWE star returns after a year and teams up with Happy Corbin

Tonight we could see how one of the stars of WWE towards his return on the WWE SmackDown show joining with Happy Corbin, after being out of action for a year due to injury.

Riddick Moss returns to WWE on SmackDown to help Happy Corbin

Riddick Moss returned to WWE television and did so on Friday Night SmackDown.

During the new segment of Corbin’s “Happy Talk” show, Kevin Owens stepped into the ring, but was quickly attacked by Moss.. Corbin and Moss laughed after Owens was thrown against the steel steps.

Moss had been out of action since fall 2020 with an anterior cruciate ligament tear. He had been backstage at a few recent shows and has been ready to come back for at least a few weeks. The last time he wrestled on television was last September against Erik of the Viking Raiders on Monday Night Raw. Riddick Moss had his first match in almost a year, last week when he faced Odyssey Jones in a dark match before WWE SmackDown.

At the time of his injury, it seemed like WWE was going to do more with him because he had been undefeated during the Raw Underground segments. Also remember that the wrestler had also been a 24/7 title champion in his time in WWE RAW.

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