The reason why The Bloodline segment on WWE RAW has been modified is revealed

Tonight, WWE will celebrate the RAW 30th Anniversary with a program full of special segments and speeches by legends. One of the great moments announced will be the “trial” of The Bloodline to Sami Zaynwhere Roman Reigns’ group will determine if the fighter’s performance has been good enough to continue with them.

Initially, however, this segment was going to be a recognition ceremony for Roman Reigns where the Anoa’i family would pay tribute to their current leader. Dave Meltzerfamous journalist for the Wrestling Observer medium, has revealed in his latest radio program the reasons Why WWE has made this change:

“As for the questions about moving the segment of The Bloodline to the trial of Sami Zayn, which was initially going to be a recognition ceremony with the family of Roman Reigns, the rumors about how this has to do with The Rock not going to be there in the end or with Vince McMahon changing things they are false.

The Rock was never scheduled for the segment. The change was made Afa, Sika and Rikishi were not going to be able to be there. They were going to be key pieces, but Afa and Sika weren’t ready for the trip, and Rikishi fell ill this week, so the idea was scrapped.

The creative plan was modified on friday with the story of The Bloodline to reflect the change in RAW, and what happened was not originally scheduled to happen.”

Thus, Meltzer has denied that The Rock and his supposed absence facing WrestleMania 39 have caused the change of plans.

According to the information released by Meltzer himself over the weekend, The Rock did not accept WWE’s offer to fight in the most important event of the year because he considers that will not be able to prepare in time for WrestleMania.

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The reason why The Bloodline segment on WWE RAW has been modified is revealed