Liga MX: The reasons for the tie between Puebla and Cruz Azul

The Strip managed to draw a draw against Reynoso’s team, here we tell you the reasons for the score.

Puebla and Blue Cross tied to a score in the match played at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium within the tenth day of the Opening Tournament 2021. Several were the factors that influenced them to finish with the equalizer and among them the performance of the goalkeepers stood out. Jesus Crown and Antony Silva.

The porters

Jesus Crown He stood out with his performance on his return after overcoming his injury, had timely interventions and rejected shots that seemed to go to the bottom of the nets, one of them a free kick by Diego De Buen and the other a header by Guillermo Martínez.

Within the performance of the elements of the Puebla, highlighted the goalkeeper Antony silva, who responded when demanded and one of the relevant plays was when he rejected a powerful shot from Jonathan Rodríguez.

Lack of definition

The Machine had different options, especially in the first part and one of them was clear, since at 25 minutes Jose Rivero had a terrible failure, after without a mark he sent the ball through the side of the goal of Antony Silva.

Bryan angle He had several options in the match and made one after 37 minutes that gave them a 1-1 draw, but later elements such as Jonathan Rodríguez and Santiago Giménez had other options that did not materialize.

The pressure of Cruz Azul

The capital’s team had to come from behind to get a draw at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium and the pressure exerted after being down on the scoreboard in the first half paid off to equalize the scoreboard.

Although in the second half those at home also generated dangerous arrivals, the reaction when they were at a disadvantage allowed them to Blue Cross add a point in your visit to the Puebla complex.