Alexa Bliss, upset by the report of the ‘flight’ of fans on WWE Raw

During the broadcast of the last episode of Monday Night Raw, a segment was held between Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair in which they faced their fight for the Raw Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules, the next WWE PPV event that will take place on Sunday, September 26.

After the show, Dave Meltzer, a reporter for the Wrestling Observer, commented on his radio show that 1,500 people left the PNC Arena in Raleigh before the show ended. After that segment, Jeff Hardy beat Sheamus to earn a starting spot at Extreme Rules, while Roman Reigns beat Bobby Lashley and Big E in the evening’s main event. However, it was said that a large number of those people got up in the women’s segment and never returned to their seats.

This information has reached one of the protagonists. Alexa Bliss showed her anger on social media, posting the following message on Twitter: Sorry Meltzer (or whatever) you’re not going to belittle our segment. Turn the page. “

In the last show Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan alvarez, Dave Meltzer’s partner, spoke about this response and released more details of what happened in the PNC Area. According to Alvarez, a very trustworthy person who works in the pavilion, informed them of what happened and even assured him that about 700 people left the venue right after the segment between Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair. The rest of the 1,500 were leaving gradually in the following two combats.

“Dave last night on Observer Radio said that during that segment, 1500 people came out,” Alvarez recalled. “Well I don’t know if you went on social media today but I can tell you this. Alexa was upset about this report and this is what I can tell you. Forget about a fan, Dave or just some random guy in the building. Last night during the show, shortly after the Alexa Bliss and Charlotte segment, someone from WWE who was in the building, not just any fan, is someone who works for the company texted us all and told us that 700 people were 700 had marched at that time. “

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