Matheus Uribe’s revenge on James Rodríguez

Matheus Uribe was quick to react to the striking attitude of James Rodríguez, which was quickly branded as treason.

Matheus Uribe received the betrayal of James Rodríguez, at least that is what is being said on social networks.

James Rodríguez is on everyone’s lips for a mischievous play that was commanded and that many did not see very well.

The player has been in the spotlight for a long time, especially from the Everton authorities who are aware of the movements he makes. With many rumors about his future floating around, it seems that James Rodríguez was branded as looking at other people’s wives.

Beyond football, it seems that James Rodríguez is keeping an eye on a voluptuous woman, just after some fans began to launch the rumor that Shannon De Lima has already rebuilt her life away from him.

The complete secrecy that exists around the model and the footballer means that, on more than one occasion, many things are said about them that are not true.

In the midst of all those versions of definitive separation, James Rodríguez began to follow a woman who has left him completely fascinated. And, although many believed that he was looking at her with other intentions, it seems that everything is limited to good vibes.

This is Cindy Álvarez García, who has recently become a mother as a result of her relationship with soccer player Matheus Uribe.

It seems that James Rodríguez began to follow her only because she was the wife of a colleague, although some suspect that it could be some kind of rapprochement … What gives away his desire to be able to play for Porto?

Either way, Matheus Uribe did not sit idly by and decided to react with the same stick. This is how, without hesitation, he began to follow Daniela Ospina, James Rodríguez’s ex-wife and mother of his daughter.

Apparently, the good vibes are around very well among the 4 and the followers wonder if they will one day see them walking together beyond the interactions they may have on social networks.