After Roman Abramovich’s departure from Chelsea, Chivas fans ask Amaury Vergara to sell the team

After Roman Abramovichs departure from Chelsea Chivas fans ask Amaury

Some Chivas fans took advantage of Roman Abramovich’s announcement that he is leaving Chelsea to ask Amaury Vergara to sell Chivas After the announcement of Roman Abramovichwho resigned to manage the Chelsea of the English Premier League, fans on social networks asked Amaury Vergara that sells to the Chivas. However, Amaury Vergara was forceful in … Read more

Amaury Vergara launches controversial message on networks: not all Mexican players are for Chivas

Amaury Vergara launches controversial message on networks not all

The message from the owner of the Chivas arrived minutes after Uriel Antuna’s announcement with Cruz Azul Amaury vergara, owner of Chivas, He launched a controversial message on his social networks in which he assures that not all Mexican players are to represent Guadalajara. However, this publication was made just two minutes after Cruz Azul … Read more

Amaury Vergara: We definitely failed, we apologize deeply

The owner of Chivas took responsibility for the failure and emphasized that he will seek to do everything possible to have Chivas where it deserves The owner of Chivas, Amaury Vergara acknowledged that the elimination for the second consecutive tournament in the phase of repechage, after the Guadalajara was eliminated by the Puebla, for which … Read more

Michel Leaño, Chivas coach with the worst effectiveness during the presidency of Amaury Vergara

Míchel Leaño has won six points out of a possible 18, a figure that does not exceed his predecessors Tomás Boy, Fernando Tena and Víctor Vucetich Marcelo Michel Leaño, current Chivas strategist, has won six of the 18 points he has played in the Apertura 2021, which is 33.33 percent effective, a figure that does … Read more

Jorge Vergara and Angélica Fuentes got into the line-ups of the technicians: Rafael Lebrija

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Rafael Lebrija indicated that in his time with Chivas certain players went directly with the owners at the time of the alignments Rafael Lebrija, who served as Sports President of Chivas from Apertura 2009 to Clausura 2010, acknowledged in an interview for ESPN, who during his tenure at the head of the rojiblanca board did … Read more

Amaury Vergara meets with Qatar’s ambassador and fans ask him to invest in the team

Amaury Vergara and Mohammed Alkuwari met at the Akron Stadium and chatted about the next World Cup The president of Chivas, Amaury Vergara, met with the ambassador of Qatar in Mexico, Mohammed Alkuwari, to “talk about what we are most passionate about, facing the next World Cup” and fans on social networks asked that sheikh … Read more

Monica Vergara: “If we ask for equality, we have to respect the sanction imposed”

Monica Vergara If we ask for equality we have to

Mónica Vergara pointed out that the decision that FIFA makes will be respected and denied that the calendar was modified to receive the sanction Monica Vergara, coach of the Mexican Women’s Soccer Team, said that, in the event that FIFA determines that the team assumes one of the two veto matches imposed by the highest … Read more

Amaury Vergara will have his first sale abroad two years after his tenure as president of Chivas

Amaury Vergara will have his first sale abroad two years

José Juan Macías is nowhere near becoming a new Getafe player and that move would become the first sale of Chivas abroad in the stage of Amaury Vergara as team president Two years after becoming the president of the Omnilife Chivas Group, Amaury vergara will have the opportunity to carry out his first transaction in … Read more