Monica Vergara: “If we ask for equality, we have to respect the sanction imposed”

Mónica Vergara pointed out that the decision that FIFA makes will be respected and denied that the calendar was modified to receive the sanction

Monica Vergara, coach of the Mexican Women’s Soccer Team, said that, in the event that FIFA determines that the team assumes one of the two veto matches imposed by the highest body in world soccer, the decision will be respected. due to the gender equality that they have always asked for in Mexican soccer.

“We are speculating, but there must be an invitation to the fans to eradicate this cry, which is something that this Federation is doing. This is because, just as we are fighting all the time for women’s football to be seen as much as the male. That implies that if we are asking for equality we have to respect the sanction imposed by the highest football body, which is FIFA. I think we have to raise awareness that the fans go to the stadiums in a healthy environment. “

The strategist of the women’s team commented that there was no negative reaction in her team after it was announced that the women’s team could be part of the sanction for the homophobic scream.

“I can tell you that it does not cause us any conflict because we are the first beneficiaries in this new management that is in charge of Yon de Luisa and Gerardo Torrado and I can tell you that I would like us to give more space to things that truly they are important that are generating changes and transforming our society “.

Vergara stressed that Mexican women’s soccer is giving a lot to talk about gender equality For which work has been done since the beginning of the management headed by de Luisa y Torrado.

“Speaking of gender equality and the empowerment of women, we are a country that is giving a lot to talk about with women’s football, thanks to the FIFA academies, also talking about the alliance we just had with the Frida Kahlo foundation to empowerment and gender equality of girls and that had an incredible impact because for the first time in the history of our women’s soccer in Mexico, each category of national teams is led by women. “

On the matches that the women’s team will hold in the coming months and in which the FIFA punishment can be applied, Vergara denied that it was something recent that the Tri Femenil had matches in Mexico, in order to comply with the sanction.

“The calendar of FIFA dates is already ready for 2020 to 2023, so the planning of everything that we are going to have this year is done from the previous year. In this new management, the international matches that we have until today, has There has been a commitment so that we can bring parties of this hierarchy and of this international level to Mexico, since last year it was sought that these dates of September and October we would have parties in Mexico obviously it cannot be disseminated because until all the contracts and everything becomes formal is when everything is published, “he concluded.