Experience vs. youth: the images of the high-impact duel between Scola and Bolmaro in the practice of the national basketball team

The veteran, captain of a thousand battles, and the greatest promise of the Selection, with your feet planted in the present. After national basketball team practice in Las Vegas, as part of preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, Luis Scola (41 years old) invited Leandro Bolmaro (20) to a 1 versus 1 duel. And an overflowing display of talent came out, which the student beat the teacher tightly (21-19), but that exhibited the competitive spirit of both.

“Experience versus youth. Exciting duel that Bolmaro took coming from behind: 21-19 to Scola. Although that was the least of it. The nice thing was enjoying the talent of both, “wrote the CABB on its Twitter account, along with a summary of the battle.

Bolmaro, of great growth in the last season with Barcelona (he was champion of the League and had a lot of participation in the Final Four of the euro), and of probable arrival in the NBA (Minnesota Timberwolves chose him in the last Draft), is a quiet young man off the court, but a net competitor on the court, and he accepted the challenge. Luifa was winning it throughout the clash, until at the end the native of Las Varillas turned the score around the end.

Scola excelled with a couple of feints before throwing three-pointers or a couple of penetrations, with brilliant handling of the paint. Bolmaro replied with his speed and explosion. In the end, they closed the lawsuit with a clash of hands and a hug, to the delight of those who witnessed the nurturing crossing of generations.

Leandro surprised the coaching staff in practice, not because they were unaware of his conditions, but because the need for adaptation was not noted. He started almost on par with his teammates, as if he had been in the 2019 World Cup in China, where Argentina was runner-up. With determination, talent and vertigo.

And Scola proved that he is still at a very high level, the same that he showed at Varese in Italy. Once again, he made an intense preparation at his Castelli field, as he did before the World Cup. And he finalizes the details to command a Selection that aspires to give a new big blow.

Argentina will be part of Group C of the Olympic Games; a very hard area made up of Spain, Slovenia and Japan. The debut will be on July 26 at 1.40 in the morning in front of the cast led by Luka Doncic, who has just won his place in the Kaunas pre-Olympic.