Rodrigo Reyes, the Chivas youth player who plays in Canada thanks to an application and Marcelo Leaño

The Mexican defender shares his experiences in Canadian soccer and the main differences he finds in relation to Liga MX Rodrigo Reyes was one of the three Mexicans who played the 2021 season of the Canadian Premier League, the First Division of Canada. Kings, youth squad of Chivas, came to soccer in the country of … Read more

The first players that Michel Leaño will ask to reinforce Chivas

MX League The helmsman from Guadalajara is already thinking about his new elements to make up the Clausura 2022 squad. By Aldo miranda 11/05/2021 – 7:12 p.m. CDT 11/05/2021 – 7:12 p.m. CDT © Imago 7The first names to reinforce Chivas Once the permanence of Marcelo Michel Leaño as a technician of the Chivas de … Read more

Official: Marcelo Michel Leaño will continue with Chivas for the Clausura 2022

Ricardo Peláez announced the permanence of Marcelo Michel Leaño for the next tournament, the Clausura 2022 MEXICO – The sports director of Chivas, Ricardo Peláez, made known that Marcelo Michel Leaño will become the technical director of the Guadalajara, facing the next contest. “To all the Chiva nationIn addition to greeting you, I want to … Read more

Michel Leaño, Chivas coach with the worst effectiveness during the presidency of Amaury Vergara

Míchel Leaño has won six points out of a possible 18, a figure that does not exceed his predecessors Tomás Boy, Fernando Tena and Víctor Vucetich Marcelo Michel Leaño, current Chivas strategist, has won six of the 18 points he has played in the Apertura 2021, which is 33.33 percent effective, a figure that does … Read more

Chivas scores the first goal with Míchel Leaño on the bench this semester

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Ángel Zaldivar opened the scoring against León, in a friendly match that was held in the United States Chivas scored his first goal in the Marcelo Michel Leaño era, thanks to Angel Zaldívar scored in a friendly duel against Lion and ended the streak of four games without a goal, three of them official. As … Read more

Who is Marcelo Michel Leaño, Chivas’ interim coach?

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Marcelo Michel Leaño obtained a triumph as an interim with Chivas before the dismissal of Luis Fernando Tena and now it is his turn for the National Classic against America Marcelo Michel Leaño He was appointed as Chivas’ interim coach for the National Classic against America, a character who has been surrounded by football since … Read more

Leaño, who will lead Chivas in the National Classic, debuted Córdova, America’s ’10’

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Sebastián Córdova was debuted by Marcelo Michel Leaño in Necaxa and the next day they will meet again in the National Classic Marcelo Michel Leaño, Chivas’ interim coach for the National Classic, was in charge of giving the first minutes to Sebastian Cordova in the highest circuit when America’s ’10’ was a Necaxa playerEven the … Read more

Marcelo Michel Leaño will be the interim coach at Chivas and will direct the Clásico

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After the departure of Vucetich, the director of youth soccer in the Herd will take the position on an interim basis Given the dismissal of Víctor Manuel Vucetich as Chivas strategist, the Guadalajara board will place the director of youth soccer, Marcelo Michel Leaño, as the interim technical director. Ricardo Peláez and Marcelo Michel Leaño. … Read more