MLB: Top 10 legendary players who never managed to win the MVP award

MLB Top 10 legendary players who never managed to win

The Baseball Writers Association of North America (BBWAA) has awarded the annual award for Most valuable Player for the american league and the National League since 1931. Here, we present 10 Outstanding Players Who Never Won MVP. We are only including position players whose best years occurred after the BBWAA award was created. 1) Derek … Read more

Ecuador’s national team suffered, but managed to beat Venezuela 1-0 to remain firm in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar | Football | sports

With a goal from Piero Hincapié, La Tri achieved a 1-0 victory that is enough to stay in the third box on the way to the World Cup. November 11, 2021 – 3:30 p.m. Ecuador had to win and it did. A month after falling in Caracas, the Tricolor retaliated yesterday in Quito and beat … Read more

The story of Bianca Tedesco, the basketball referee who denounced her boss for sexual harassment: “There is a system that is managed with a lot of harassment and that hurts”


Bianca Tedesco is the basketball referee who denounced her boss, Sebastián Moncloba, for sexual harassment It was April 2021 and Bianca tedesco, a basketball referee, had not received any appointment to direct games for more than a month. His state of despair was total. Added to the economic issue was an even more serious one: … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Former Industrial Launcher who was imprisoned by the July 11 protests managed to leave Cuba

Dyron Duran

By Swing Completo / As it happened with the chess player Arian Gonzalez, the other well-known athlete who had been jailed for participating in the protests on July 11 in several cities in Cuba, also finally managed to get out of jail and travel outside the island in recent days. Complete Swing had been … Read more

He overcame cancer and, although he lost the hearing in one ear, he managed to stay in the basketball elite: “I was reborn, I am the miracle that I never expected to be”


The basketball player suffered from an acoustic nerve tumor “Hold on to hope, to the last possibility, the slightest chance, the most remote probability … Get knitted and beat the bank … Become that 0.1 that changes the statistic, I broke with the unanimity that makes the pessimist proud … Be your own hero and … Read more

Mexicans who managed to make history within the NFL

The NFL has a great following in Mexico, which is considered the country with the largest number of followers of this sport outside the United States, so it is not surprising that there are also several semi-professional, professional and collegiate leagues for its practice. You can read: Naranjeros preseason calendar ready Contrary to what many … Read more