EXCLUSIVE: Former Industrial Launcher who was imprisoned by the July 11 protests managed to leave Cuba

By Swing Completo / contacto@swingcompleto.com

As it happened with the chess player Arian Gonzalez, the other well-known athlete who had been jailed for participating in the protests on July 11 in several cities in Cuba, also finally managed to get out of jail and travel outside the island in recent days.

Complete Swing had been the first to break the news of the incarceration by Dayron Durán Canet after taking to the streets of his native municipality of Regla, one of the capital’s territories that had the most action that memorable Sunday.

The 22-year-old, who launched a season with Industriales and even joined the Cuba team that took part in the CanAm League 2018, after an excellent performance in the National Series with Matanzas, a team with which he played two seasons, was detained with his brother for a week in the so-called “Alamar Technician.”

Durán had left Cuban baseball for two years after emigrating first to the Dominican Republic and later to Canada, but he was visiting Cuba at the time of the demonstrations in which he wanted to join peacefully, according to what he told us. shortly after leaving the prison facility.

His freedom had not been total, because he was kept in house arrest for several days until he was notified that the decision of the prosecution would be the payment of a fine of 5,000 pesos for a group of reasons, including disturbance of public order. and contribution to spreading the coronavirus epidemic.

Weeks later and despite the lack of tickets and that perhaps he had a check-up by the authorities after the sanction, Durán and his brother managed to legally leave Cuba and settle in Vancouver, Canada, where their mother and brother Henry live. In his native land, he only has one aunt left.

All this was not confirmed by the pitcher himself, who promised to talk soon about other details related to the way in which his entire process took place since his protest and until he managed to leave the Island. He even told us that days after leaving the country they were looking for him to the place where he was staying to see if he and his brother were calm.

Dayron said he was going to prepare to resume his career as a pitcher, a decision not far-fetched considering his youth plus a talent that could at least lead him to get a contract in mid-level leagues at first and later dream of taking a step. more significant depending on your results.

At the time he was considered one of the main pitchers of Industriales, a member of its starting staff until he decided to withdraw from the National Series in 2019 and travel legally from Cuba.

Although logically there must have been dozens of athletes who came out to protest that day, the only ones that transcended were the cases of González and Durán, who luckily for them were able to get out of prison and take a flight back to Spain and Canada.