Blessed accident, damn accident! Mexico, U17 World Champion

LOS ANGELES – An accident. That was. October 2, 2005. Peru, the Coliseum of the Final of the U17 World Cup. Mexico, the David with the smoking sling of the implausible. Brazil, the Goliath of the stunned bloody forehead.

Yes, an accident. The Royal Academy of the Language certifies it. Review it, you, promptly.

1.- Quality or state that appears in something, without it being part of its essence or nature. When have feats been the essence or the nature of Mexican soccer?

2.- Eventual event that alters the regular order of things. Chucho Ramírez and his brood of teenagers altered the order of the soccer universe!

3.- Eventual event or action that unintentionally results in damage to people or things. How much unintentional damage was done to the beardless heroes led by Giovani, Carlos candle, Cesar Villaluz, Omar esparza and company?

Be careful: the coronation of Mexico, but it was totally an accident the exaltation of the Sub 17 like the best in the world.

Remember: Mexico he traveled almost silently to Peru. Perhaps he was accompanied by a general scorn in the media. Chucho Ramírez, the coach, had warned: “We are going to be champions.” And until then head honcho in the FMF, Alberto de la TorreHe drew that his typical long smile, equivalent to a “forgive him, he doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

Only one character, knowledgeable, knowledgeable about football, but grim, knew the scope of that, apparently, suicide squad. From the shadows, Ricardo LaVolpe I had wanted to snatch that group from Chucho Ramirez. Ricardo Peláez, administrative head of the project, did not allow it.

Mexico started beating Uruguay (2-0, Candle and Villaluz), and the information appeared between the Classified Ad. Beat Australia 3-0 (Scatter and two of Candle). They fall to Turkey 2-1, and the wave of skepticism: “That’s how far they went.”

In the quarterfinals it eliminates Costa Rica (3-1, Efrain Juarez, Ever guzman and Candle) and in Mexico you start to believe in them. The Semifinal would be against the Netherlands. Villaluz (2), Hector Moreno and Guzman They stoned with a 4-0.

Suddenly, the flights of Mexico Peru is filled with managers, the media, family members, fans, promoters. The upstarts and their speech: “We always believed in them!” Opportunism Travels First Class!

Suddenly, the scorned, the ignored, the ignored, became the references on the front pages of newspapers and electronic media. Crossed out as crazy, Chucho Ramirez He just watched the eager and festive caravan of paratroopers waiting for their prophecy to be fulfilled. “We are going to be world champions.”

Mexico submits to Brazil. 3-0. Goals from Scatter, Guzman and Candle, ultimately the World Cup Golden Boot. The Ballon d’Or is stolen from the revelation of the tournament, Giovani dos santos, for the benefit of the Brazilian Anderson.

They were greeted like colossi. Mexico City collapsed. And the pernicious competition to label them “The Golden Generation!” Was unleashed. “Los Niños Héroes!” “The Golden children!” “The generation of change!” “The future is ours!”. The alienating exaggeration of the buzzards and jacket men for the hysteria of baptizing the former orphans and abandoned.

And the fans were disappointed. In the memorable caravan of the celebration, to the sides, like hysterical and shuddering escorts, there were tears in the fans who cheered the conquerors, with that faith, treacherously promulgated, that it was the long-awaited pleiad, the advent of the longed-for heroes. The hope of the underdog, of the needy, of the destitute Mexican soccer, had just arrived from Peru, with the gold medals hanging from the rozagantes lactating youngsters of the project of Chucho Ramirez.

But, I insist, it was all an accident. A blessed accident. A bloody accident. An accident. And yet, there is nothing accidental or accident in that sublimation of Mexican soccer, the first of absolute impact in world soccer.

1.- It was not accidental, because Chucho Ramirez He had a project, a work methodology, a personalized attention to each player to convince him of his scope and his capacity. He left nothing to chance, supported by his wife Lourdes Deschamps. They turned good footballers into winners.

2.- And it was an accident of Mexican soccer, because they worked in abandonment, in anonymity, in disdain, and only Ricardo Peláez believed in them. They grew wild, marginal, with hardly any support. It was not a team generated by Mexican soccer, but by the audacity of Mutt and your project.

Today, they have all disappeared. Giovani dos santos ran out of equipment. Carlos candleAfter the flash in 2019, it is shipwrecked in its usual ups and downs. Cesar Villaluz He is a pilgrim of soccer. Hector Moreno has for years lived under the stigma of being the fictitious heir of Rafa marquez. And counting…

Giovani he had at his feet the paradise of Barcelona. “This will be my heir,” he once told him Ronaldinho to Joan Laporta, before the anointing of Lionel messi. Gio he chose the lascivious and drunken sirens of the night. It was not revealed there, neither in Tottenham, nor in five other European teams, before making an ominous and shameful journey at the Galaxy, and then vegetating in Coapa.

His promoter offered him throughout this summer to teams from the MLS, the USL, the second division of Spain, and even timidly, he marked the Chivas offices, in a desperate measure. The predator of professional negligence swallowed the best footballer of that World Cup Peru 2005.

Carlos candle he had a splendid year with the Royal Society. The votes for the best player of the year were in that order: Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Costa, Carlos candle and Lionel messi. Atlético de Madrid went for him. An unfortunate phrase from the BombardierHe ruined everything: “Soccer is my job, my true passion is basketball.” The Cholo Simeone discarded the Mexican and signed Antoine Griezmann.

Who were the Herods responsible for this football infanticide? Who ruined the booming puberty of Peru 2005?

1.- His parents. They believed they had solved their future and they feasted on the unconscious exploitation of their own children. They believed in hyenas dressed as promoters, and handed them over to brats exposed to the hidden temptations behind fame and money.

2.- The same clubs. They treated them like merchandise. Cruz Azul preferred to continue sponsoring bundles that his Miami promoter supplied him, instead of shielding Cesar Villaluz already Edgar Andrade. AND Chivas made no effort to maintain sponsorship and advice with Carlos candle. Jorge Vergara cut off all ties with him.

3.- “Nobody was prepared for such a triumph,” he acknowledged Chucho Ramirez to ESPN Sports years ago. He explained that he tried to maintain, together with his wife, contact, guidance and attention to each of the players. “The parents, the teams, the promoters, began to block that communication. And the player, there comes a time when he is sure that he must do what he wants ”.

4.- The FMF. He turned away from them. Octavio Rivas, a psychologist from Pumas and the Mexican team, recommended to the managers that they guide them psychologically to digest and cope with the brutal, wonderful and sudden success.

5.- And of course, the footballer. Suddenly, the whole world seemed like a banquet that belonged totally to him. They were not yet of legal age, they did not have a driver’s license, they could not vote, and they chose to behave as of legal age. Parties, wine, courtesans, cars, waste, friends, eternal nights, sometimes under the false patronage of their own promoters.

October 2nd. Every year, the specters of failure stand in the middle of one of the most shocking, emotional, hopeful and shocking successes of Mexican soccer. A generation of players capable of causing change was lost. Those responsible, the guilty, washed, washed and will continue to wash their hands with the death certificate of that fantasy of what they could have been and were not.