Referees check Joe Musgrove for banned substances

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The New York Mets team asked to check pitcher Joe Musgrove for banned substances in the MLB Playoffs. Joe Musgrove due to the lights and sweat had his ears shining in Game 3 of the Wild Card Series between Fathers of San Diego and Mets of New York, so the referees reviewed it for prohibited … Read more

Report: Tatis Jr. to meet with executives and teammates

No injuries Ravens will fight again for the division title

The player is expected to offer his version of the events and begin the path to regain the confidence that has been lost with everything that has happened during the last year. The first step of Fernando Tatis Jr. towards redemption will take place during this week. At least that is what journalist Kevin Acee … Read more

Machado, Soto and other teammates react to positive and suspension of Tatis Jr.

In addition, the general manager of the Padres AJ Preller valued what happened with the Dominican shortstop The result of a test within the Major League Anti-Doping Program and the subsequent suspension for 80 games to Fernando Tatis Jr. has not left anyone indifferent. The first to feel dismayed and surprised have been their own … Read more