Report: Tatis Jr. to meet with executives and teammates

The player is expected to offer his version of the events and begin the path to regain the confidence that has been lost with everything that has happened during the last year.

The first step of Fernando Tatis Jr. towards redemption will take place during this week. At least that is what journalist Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports, who pointed out that for the first time since his 80-game suspension was announced after violating the protocol for the use of substances to enhance the performance of MLBthe Dominican player will meet with executives and teammates from San Diego Padres.

According to Acee, the plan is that Tatis Jr. meet with the president of baseball operations for the Fathers, A. J. Peller on Thursday, with separate meetings both with the teammates, as well as with the president of the set of San Diego, peter seidler. According to the report, the time at which these meetings will take place has not been determined.

The decision made by Tatis Jr. meeting with team members appears to be the right one, as multiple teammates have said the decision would be welcome and even necessary.

It’s very important (that tatis meet with the players). We all feel differently about this situation. More than anything, we want to forget about her. We did not become worse because he will no longer join us. It’s just that new life, that spark that we won’t have. Most of us are over it, we put it in the rear view mirror. We don’t want to have to think about him any more than we should, but this is good. We deserve to hear from his mouth the truth (of what happened),” Joe Musgrove said before Monday’s game.

The (Tatis Jr.) You don’t owe me anything, but it’s a big step to do something like that. (meet with classmates). There are several steps to take and that is the first“said the gardener. Will Myers.

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Report: Tatis Jr. to meet with executives and teammates