Referees check Joe Musgrove for banned substances

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The New York Mets team asked to check pitcher Joe Musgrove for banned substances in the MLB Playoffs. Joe Musgrove due to the lights and sweat had his ears shining in Game 3 of the Wild Card Series between Fathers of San Diego and Mets of New York, so the referees reviewed it for prohibited … Read more

Check the list of the Basketball Red for the duels against Colombia and Uruguay

Check the list of the Basketball Red for the duels

The coach of La Roja del Básquet, Cristián Santander, communicated this Thursday the list of 12 players for the Chilean adult basketball team ahead of the third FIBA ​​window for the 2023 World Cup qualifier. On this occasion, the national cast will have to play their two commitments as visitors. The first will be June … Read more

COVID has NBA GMs in ‘check’

COVID has NBA GMs in check

While more than 300 NBA players have entered the league’s health and safety protocols this season due to issues related to COVID-19, multiple NBA general managers told ESPN that a debilitating issue remains the recent spike in team personnel, from coaches to support staff and beyond — entering into protocols for the same reason. Sources … Read more

Super Bowl LVI | Check all the details of the grand finale of the 2022 NFL season

Super Bowl LVI Check all the details of the

The 56th edition of the Super Bowl will take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. For Franco Abatte 01/04/2022 – 19: 29hs CLT Comments 01/04/2022 – 19: 29hs CLT © LASECSoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California will host the NFL Grand Final. We are just over a month away from witnessing the unmissable final of … Read more

Check the calendar and results of the 2021-2022 collegiate bowl season

Check the calendar and results of the 2021 2022 collegiate bowl

From the Bahamas Bowl on December 17 to the National Championship Game on January 10, these are all the games The college bowl season it’s right here. There will be 44 bowls in total including the College Football Playoff and the Game for the National Championship, starting on December 17 and ending on January 10. … Read more

OMAR LINARES HIMSELF spoke at last about the famous blank check

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas In the history of Cuban baseball there are many myths, legends and stories that have spread by word of mouth over the years, to the point of becoming true, almost indisputable realities, unless someone comes out and explains the truth. One of these stories is that of the famous “blank … Read more

Steelers give the Bills a reality check

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In a second half of madness the Steelers came from behind and defeated the Buffalo Bills 23-16, to the surprise of many who put them as victims in Week 1 of the 2021 NFL Season. The locals went up 10-0, thanks to a field goal from Tyler bass and a TD pass of Josh Allen … Read more

NFL Schedule | Check out the key dates for the 2021-2022 football season

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NFL This Thursday, September 9, the tournament that will feature Sammis Reyes in the Washington Football Team begins. By Nelson Martínez Llantén 08-09-2021 – 09: 49hs CLT RedsportThis Thursday, September 9, the new season begins heading to the Super Bowl (Photo: Getty.) After passing the third and final cut In the Washington Football Team, the … Read more

Will it be with Sammis Reyes? Check the Washington FT schedule in the NFL this 2021

NFL The Chilean team will start the 2021 NFL season next Sunday, September 12. By Franco Abatte 08-29-2021 – 14:33 CLT RedsportThe Chilean hopes to pass the final cut of the Washington Football Team to join the squad for the 2021 season. (Photo: Getty) The 2021 NFL season is soon to begin, The major American … Read more

MLB: In the crosshairs! Scouts closely check Cubs starting pitcher

MLB In the crosshairs Scouts closely check Cubs starting pitcher

The right-handed Zach Davies (another exchange candidate from the Chicago Cubs) pitched this Friday with an early lead that he used for good, thanks to a three-run home run by Puerto Rican Javier Báez against Zac Gallen of the Arizona D-backs. Davies, one of more than a dozen Cubs who could be free agents next … Read more