Is Don Mattingly a Hall of Famer? In this opinion, yes.

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The 16-member Committee on the Contemporary Era of Baseball will meet Sunday in San Diego to consider nominations for the Hall of Fame, which includes several legendary players who were not elected while on the Baseball Writers’ Association ballot. North America (BBWAA). This year’s candidates, in alphabetical order, are: Albert Belle, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, … Read more

Glanville: Bonds shouldn’t be a Hall of Famer, and that’s fine

Glanville Bonds shouldnt be a Hall of Famer and thats

IN 1997, When I was in my second year with the Cubs, I vividly remember watching batting practice when Mark McGwire walked into the Cardinals’ cage. It was incredible. I saw how far the ball flew and, like many of us, I was more surprised than I could imagine. It was like watching a good … Read more

MLB: Tim Lincecum may not be a Hall of Famer, but nobody is so loved in the Giants

MLB Tim Lincecum may not be a Hall of Famer

There are few players of the San Francisco Giants most universally loved that Tim Lincecum. At his best, Linceceum was the most captivating ace of all MLB, able to dominate hitters with scorching fastballs and pitches with very poisonous speed changes, which amazed even more in the case of such a slender pitcher. His arrival … Read more

Is Bob Abreu a Hall of Famer?

Is Bob Abreu a Hall of Famer

Frederlin castro to????@fr3djcd Bob Abreu was removed from the starting lineup just 10 minutes before a July 30, 2006 doublegame against the Florida Marlins. Hours later, during the ninth inning of Game 1, the Citizens Bank Park jumbotron announced that the nine-year-old Phillies and two-time All-Star was heading to the New York Yankees for a … Read more

MLB: Jeff Kent’s Unexpected Case to Possible Hall of Famer

MLB Jeff Kents Unexpected Case to Possible Hall of Famer

It is not uncommon for someone to jump from average player to chosen player. to the All-Star Game, but it’s a little weirder when that jump is a candidate to the Hall of Fame of MLB. Before the 1997 campaign, the San Francisco Giants made a trade with the then Cleveland Indians to send third … Read more

Yadier Molina: A Future Hall of Famer Missed 112 Times in the 2000 Draft


During the Major League Baseball Draft of the Year 2000, year in which the first baseman of Mexican blood Adrián González was the first selected globally by the Florida Marlins, the first receiver selected was Scott Heard, by the Texas Rangers, who chose him with the turn no. 25 of the first round. A boy … Read more