They show security in the Azteca Stadium that put fans at risk

The reporter Carlos Jiménez released a video in which a fan is observed in the boxes of the Azteca Stadium with a pistol, during the game between América and Pumas

MEXICO – A fan entered the Azteca stadium, in the match between America and Cougars, with a pistol, according to a video that circulates on social networks, and in which the bearer of the firearm assures that “I am going to whip those who go to America in Chile.”

“I’m going to execute some Americanists,” assures the bearer of the weapon, in the game between Cougars and America, according to a video uploaded by the Twitter account @ C4Jiménez, which corresponds to the reporter Carlos Jiménez.

The publication invites you to report the bearer of the weapon, who appears in the video, to the authorities.

During the game between America and Cougars, security failed on several occasions at the Azteca Stadium. Due to the fact that during the engagement a cuetón was heard exploding, which even caused distractions in the defense of the university students and on more than one occasion smoke bombs were seen in the truncheons of the university students.

In addition to the fan who entered with a weapon, the clubs of América and Pumas faced each other at the end of the game, due to the absence of policemen. Fans of The RebbeDuring the confrontation, he threw down the fence that divided the followers of the azulcremas and the auriazules.

Also, at the end of the game between America and Cougars, the supporters of both teams confronted the outskirts of the Azteca Stadium and even a fan was transferred by ambulance to receive care after several blows he received.

Now, in a video on social networks, the security vulnerability of the Azteca Stadium is evidenced, since a fan could enter the game with a weapon, inside the Santa Ursula building.