Overtime: common denominator in the 2021 NFL season

The season 2021 of the National Football League (NFL) arrived with a rare guest, since the extra time it has been constantly present.

So far, six games have been defined in an additional quarter.

As has been the custom for 47 years, all matches ending tied after the regulation hour of play should be lengthened so that there is a greater probability that one of the teams involved will be the winner.

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In the opening week there were two.

The first meeting that had to end later than usual was the one they starred in Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals: the result was 24-24 and the Ohioans took the victory 24-27. Later, Las vegas raiders beat by 27-33 Baltimore Ravens.

In the second week it was the turn of Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks, whose score was 30-30 and those of Nashville were left with the victory by 30-33.

Week 3 was no exception and it was up to Miami dolphins versus Las vegas raiders after equaling 28-28, so the Nevadans had to resort to Daniel carlson to prevail by 28-31.

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In the activity of the fourth week there were two matches that required prolongation.

The first one was between Tennessee Titans and New York Jets, whose result was 24-24 and the ‘Big Apple’ came out with the loot 24-27 despite the fact that they gave their rivals the opportunity to pair it again, but Randy Bullock missed the field goal.

Finally, New York Giants and New Orleans Saints they were neutralized 21-21, until those of the East Division of the National Conference went with their arms raised by 27-21.

All this means that in each of the weeks of the 2021 NFL season there has been at least one commitment that had to be defined in extra time, and we will see if the trend will continue or when it will culminate.