Seth Rollins’ presence at WrestleMania 38 was really at risk | Superfights

1648774386 Seth Rollins presence at WrestleMania 38 was really at risk

Barring a change of plans, seth rollins will fight against cody rhodes on WrestleMania 38. Most likely, “The Visionary” will appear in the ring and appear Vince McMahon to introduce the “American Nightmare” as his opponent. However, this will be known the same day of the event, as McMahon himself advanced him in a meeting … Read more

‘Players are willing to risk everything, including the MLB season’: ESPN Journalist

Players are willing to risk everything including the MLB season

the season of MLB is in question after the decision of the owners and the commissioner Rob Manfred’s Cancel at least the first two regular season series, with the Opening Day agreed for March 31 being history. Now, we’ll see the owners and the MLBPA in a contest over who is most committed to their … Read more

MLB season is seriously at risk of being delayed; owners refuse to cooperate

MLB season is seriously at risk of being delayed owners

With Spring Training less than a month away from starting and the regular season is also very close to giving its initial pitch, MLB is stuck andn a labor fight between owners and players that apparently, it will not have a good ending and will almost inevitably lead to fewer games in 2022, leading us … Read more

Haaland, risk signing

Haaland risk signing

The enormous potential of Erling Haaland hides a less attractive face, that of being a star who cracks more than he should for being just 21 years old. This past Saturday he broke again, this time against Hoffenheim, and Borussia admitted yesterday that there is an injury, although the commotion that there is always with … Read more

Ancelotti takes the risk

Ancelotti takes the risk

Real Madrid caught another great game in Tiráspol that earned them to close their qualification to the knockout stages of the Champions League. Excluding the first minutes, the team was clearly superior to the Sheriff and set the pace of the game at all times to end up scoring 3-0. It is the fifth consecutive … Read more

Steelers vs Chargers: stellar card with stars at risk?

By César Castillo (@ cesar_jul1o) Week 11 of the 2021 NFL Season brings us a duel between Chargers and Steelers, who reach the next Sunday Night Football looking to reach his sixth victory of the campaign. Despite the fact that both teams are suffering from COVID-19 infections that could represent important casualties, without a doubt … Read more

Cardinals vs Browns: at risk the last undefeated of the NFL 2021?

By Juan Carlos Dorantes (@ carlosdorantes7). Follow your project on Week 5 of this NFL Season ended with the Arizona Cardinals still undefeated, however this week paints to be the one for his first defeat. In the most attractive game of the Sunday session, they face a Cleveland Browns who come from giving a … Read more

They show security in the Azteca Stadium that put fans at risk

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The reporter Carlos Jiménez released a video in which a fan is observed in the boxes of the Azteca Stadium with a pistol, during the game between América and Pumas MEXICO – A fan entered the Azteca stadium, in the match between America and Cougars, with a pistol, according to a video that circulates on … Read more