The pitcher who removed Julio Urías’ job to pitch with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Wild Card


The Los Angeles Dodgers will play the St. Louis Cardinals next Wednesday, October 6 at 20:10 ET in the 2021 MLB National League Wild Card game and Julio Urías will not be the starting pitcher.

Julio Urías, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers


© Getty ImagesJulio Urías, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers

The big party starts at Big leagues and the two wild card games promise unmissable duels with historic teams from the MLB. Los angeles dodgers from Julio Urías and company play the classification or elimination of the Postseason against St. Louis Cardinals.

The Mexican pitcher had a huge season with 20 wins, 3 losses and an ERA of 2.96. However, Uriah, who was the pitcher who won the most games of Los angeles dodgers and the entire MLB in 2021, will not be in charge of opening the National League Wild Card game.

How? Shouted the Mexican fans and there is a person responsible for the non-presence of Julio Urías in a game that can eliminate the Los Angeles Dodgers from the 2021 Postseason. Team manager Dave Roberts preferred the experience for the Wild Card game.

With 14 MLB seasons and three Cy Young Awards, the pitcher who took Julio Urías’s chance to pitch in the Wild Card with the Los Angeles Dodgers was no one else and no less than Max Scherzer. The hierarchy weighed more than the present of the Mexican.

Julio Urías will not pitch in the Los Angeles Dodgers Wild Card game

Next Wednesday, October 6 at 20:10 ET on the Los Angeles Dodgers mound to face St. Louis Cardinals will be Max Scherzer with a postseason record of 7 wins and 5 losses, while the 6 wins and 2 losses in the Playoffs of Julio Urías will wait for a quality relief if necessary in the NL Wild Card Game.

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