WWE Monday Night Raw results May 9, 2022

USA Network will broadcast the 1,511th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw this Monday, May 9, 2022 live from the XL Center in Hartford, CT. Following his victory over Seth Rollins at WrestleMania Backlash, Cody Rhodes will face Theory for the United States Championship tonight.


Becky Lynch closes Raw after her attack on Asuka and Bianca Belair.


Bianca Belair defeats Asuka by disqualification


Asuka passes Triangle Choke, Bianca picks her up in Powerbomb. Becky pulls Bianca out of the ring and throws her against the metal steps. Lynch then enters the ring and attacks Asuka.


Asuka resists a tackle from Bianca, but falls to a push. Both are confident in the first moments of the fight, dancing and challenging each other. Asuka avoids a Glam Slam and passes to an Armbar.


Asuka vs. bianca belair


becky lynch joins the commentary table for the next match.


R-Truth gives Reggie and Akira Tozawa divorce papers. Akira doesn’t accept them and runs off. Reggie wants to talk to Dana but Tamina won’t let him.


bobby lashley sends a message to MVP and Omos. “The only reason Omos won was because of you, MVP. Next week, I want to face the giant in a steel cell,” says Bobby.


Lacey Evans talks about his complicated relationship with his father, who suffered from addictions.


Ciampa defeats Mustafa Ali


Ali argues with Miz on her own. Ciampa takes the opportunity to apply a Reverse DDT. Miz counts fast and gives Ciampa the victory.


Ciampa dominates the first bars of the fight. Ali responds with a Neckbreaker, looks for an air attack but Ciampa dodges it. Ali’s DDT tornado, Miz counts slowly and doesn’t reach three.


Mustafa Ali vs. Ciampa

Special Referee: The Miz


The Miz He comes out in referee attire for the next match.


Sasha Banks & Naomi defeated Doudrop & Nikki ASH

After the fight, Doudrop continues to demand that Nikki ASH take things seriously.


Nikki and Sasha take over. Nikki aggressively charges Banks, after several blows from her she controls her with an arm lock. Banks and Naomi apply their joint shot to beat Nikki.


Sasha and Naomi take the initiative. Doudrop stops Naomi and looks for the account after a Senton. Doudop dominates Naomi with her power, applies a Splash against the cornerback and prevents it from reaching Sasha.


Sasha Banks & Naomi vs. Doudrop & Nikki ASH


Rollins furiously attacks Cody in and out of the ring.


Cody Rhodes defeats Theory by disqualification

Theory retains the United States Championship.


The action continues even when returning from the break. Cody connects a Moonsault but it’s not enough. Seth Rollins attacks Cody Rhodes!


Theory maintains the offensive and looks for the account after a Suplex. Cody responds with Dropkick and Disaster Kick to get the champion out of the ring. Theory prepares the commentary table, Cody hits him and controls the situation. Theory runs to the ring.


I start slow with both measuring each other and talking. Theory makes the Stardust gesture, Cody gets upset and goes on the attack. The referee separates them when they are against the ropes, Theory takes the opportunity to connect elbows.


United States Championship Match: Theory (c) vs. cody rhodes

United States Championship Match: Theory (c) vs. cody rhodes


Kevin Patrick interviews cody rhodes. “As far as I’m concerned, the chapter with Seth Rollins is closed,” he says. Now Cody wants to focus on his rival, Theory.


Veer defeats Roman

Mahan completely dominates and without any resistance to Roman. Cervical Clutch to make the local fighter surrender.


Veer’s rival is interviewed before the fight. He says that he is worried about his health, but that he has a family to feed. “I do it for my family,” says Roman, the wrestler.


Becky Lynch says that this match was won by Liv Morgan over Sonya Deville, and comments that it may be all a plan of Adam. Asuka ends up arguing with Becky, saying that she left two years ago to be a mother, but now she’s just a baby.


Adam Pearce talks to Asuka, when they are interrupted by Becky Lynch. Lynch considers that she is paving the way to the title for Asuka and she does not deserve it. Adam says that Asuka must beat Bianca Belair tonight to get a starting shot, and reminds Becky that Asuka’s team beat Becky’s team last week.


Owens is furious when people support Ezekiel. Kevin takes off his wig, Ezekiel is shocked to see that it is Owens. KO attacks Ezekiel! Alpha Academy join you!


Kevin Owens comes out with a wig, claiming to be Ken Owens, the older brother. Ezekiel greets him like he’s Ken, but Kevin says that’s not his point. “Everyone follows the game that you are Elias’s brother. But nobody believes you,” says KO.


Alexa Bliss defeats Sonya Deville


Sonya looks completely shocked, as Alexa walks in smiling. DDT and Twisted Bliss for the count of three.


Sonya DeVille vs. Sonya DeVille


Sonya DeVille He goes out to have his match. Before, Adam Pearce comes out to inform him of the decision of the managers about his position as an officer. Sonya Deville loses her contract as an officerNow he’s just a superstar. And her rival is Alexa Bliss!


Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville They talk backstage. Sonya doesn’t have the patience to listen to Adam, so she leaves without hearing who her rival will be. “It’s not personal, just business,” says Deville.


Lashley applies the Hurt Lock to Alexander. MVP and Omos leave.


bobby lashley goes out to the ring. He attacks the VIP Lounge security staff and easily takes care of Cedric. Lashley attacks Omos and takes him out of the ring. He is left alone before MVP, but Cedric attacks him from behind. MVP runs away.


Cedric Alexander he interrupts them, flattering Omos. MVP lets Alexander into the ring. Cedric considers himself part of the group, MVP stops him when he talks about “us”.


MVP presents omos for its segment, The VIP Lounge. MVP asks for respect for the giant, but receives boos. “Bobby Lashley was The All Mighty because MVP made him. But his ego made him abandon the man that led him to it,” says MVP.


Alpha Academy they talk to Kevin Owens. Chad Gable says that a glass stolen from Ezekiel was sent to a friend who works in a DNA lab. “Next week we will have the evidence to prove that Ezekiel is lying,” he says.


AJ Styles jumps to attack Damian Priest as soon as the match ends. Edge takes advantage of Rhea arguing with AJ to connect a Spear to him. The Judgment Day walk away victorious.


Balor prepares to fly over to Priest, but Rhea gets in his way. Edge applies a Spear to Balor!


Finn Balor defeats Damian Priest by disqualification


Balor dominates and puts Priest in trouble after a Double Stomp. Damian stops him looking for a Chokeslam, Finn reverses with a pin. Slingblae and Clothesline to get Damian out of the ring.


Finn Balor vs. Damian Priest


Finn Balor comes out to have his match against Damian Priest. But he doesn’t come alone! AJ Styles accompanies him.


Rhea Ripley defeats Liv Morgan


After the fight, Edge and Damian Priest go up to the ring. Edge gestures to Rhea, and Rhea applies the Cloverleaf again to Liv Morgan, who screams in pain.


Liv avoids the Riptide and lands some punches. DDT to Ripley and ObLivion, but not enough. Rhea returns to the attack and applies a Cloverleaf to Liv. Morgan surrenders!


Rhea punishes Liv against the ropes and face against the canvas. Rhea stays in control and yells at Liv that she’s pathetic. Morgan replies that he hates her.


Rhea takes the lead in the fight, surprising Liv with a headbutt. Liv responds with a Hurricanrana but receives a hard kick that stops her progress.


Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan


“My message… no, my movement, it’s not over. We’re looking for more…”, Edge said, when he leaves Liv Morgan to interrupt them. Morgan will face Ripley next.


“Joining Judgment Day was the easiest decision of my life. Seeing you guys get better, I wanted that for myself,” says Ripley. Edge says this is about tapping into lost potential.


Damian Priest He says that if they were already dangerous with Edge, they will be worse now with a new instrument of brutality. Ask everyone to stand up to welcome the new member of Judgment Day: rhea ripley.


Judgment Day they go out to the ring. Edge he says that they formed the group because they don’t want to be sheep, like the audience present. “They can’t look in the mirror because they hate what they see. We do, we love what we see,” says Edge.


Tremendous Riddle’s RKO in mid-flight!


Kevin Patrick asks theory how he is preparing to defend the United States Championship before Cody Rhodes. Theory says that he doesn’t need to prepare, and he doesn’t care about Cody or the past. “I only care about the future, and the future, be Theory.”


RK-Bro defeat Street Profits


Montez looks for a Frog Splash when he returns to the ring, but Riddle receives it with an RKO out of nowhere. 1…2…3!


Orton charges dominates both when returning from commercials, applying several blows and Powerslams. Riddle connects a Knee Strike to Ford and takes him out of the ring. He seeks to jump on him but connects Orton by mistake.


Randy enters and connects several Uppercuts to Angelo. I relieve Riddle and take Angelo out of the ring. Ford flies over the ropes to attack Riddle before the break.


Raw Tag Team Championship Match: RK-Bro (c) vs. Street Profits

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: RK-Bro (c) vs. Street Profits


Montez starts the match looking for the pin on Riddle a couple of times. Ford continues to dominate and takes over from Dawkins, who continues to attack and look for the account.


RK-Bro they accept the challenge. They will face Street Profits with the Raw Tag Team Championships on the line, below.


Street Profits they interrupt them. First, they laugh at their loss to The Bloodline. They then remember that they beat them before, and have unfinished business with them. “We’re next,” shouts Montez Ford.


Orton repeats his challenge to The Usos to have a Tag Team Championship unification match. Riddle adds that if Roman Reigns gets involved, it’s because he doesn’t trust Jey and Jimmy.


RK-Bro, Randy Orton and Riddle welcome the show. “Despite our efforts last night, we lost the battle with The Bloodlines. But we will win the war,” says Randy. He believes that Roman Reigns got into his rivalry with The Usos because they can’t measure up to RK-Bro.


Monday Night Raw begins!

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WWE Monday Night Raw results May 9, 2022