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becky lynch couldn’t be in an episode of Raw After being injured over the weekend in an untelevised event in Allentown while defending the Red Brand Women’s Championship against bianca belair and rhea ripley. “The EST of WWE” accidentally hit her in the throat and he fractured his larynx. However, “Big Time Becks” has confirmed that he is fine and that nothing will prevent him from defending the title also at WrestleMania 38.

Precisely, during the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW the Raw champion, Becky Lynch, returned to programming and stealthily approached her challenger from behind and sent her crashing into the ring post while her neck was covered by a steel chair. Bianca Belair had to be taken out with assistance.

Bianca Belair – WWE Raw March 14, 2022

► Bianca Belair will be out of action indefinitely

After what happened last Monday, WWE provided one last update on Bianca’s health earlier today and said he suffered a fractured hyoid bone in his throat as a result of the “Big Time Becks” attack. Fortunately, according to the report, Bianca will not need surgery; however, the attack put her out of action for an unspecified amount of time.

«Bianca Belair suffered a fracture in the hyoid bone of the throat as a result of the attack perpetrated by the Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch last Monday on Raw, as WWE.com has learned.

The WWE Universe watched in horror as Lynch viciously eliminated his WrestleMania challenger, wrapping a chair around Belair’s head and neck before sending her into a steel ring post.

Although Belair will not need surgery, he will be out of action for an unspecified amount of time while he recovers, officials say.

You can check back with WWE.com for more updates as they become available.

Bianca Belair - WWE Raw
Bianca Belair – WWE Raw

It remains to be seen what will happen to Bianca Belair in the coming days, but there does not seem to be much concern about the fact that she might not be present at WrestleMania 38. Let’s remember that the “WWE EST” will meet on Saturday, April 1 for the Raw Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

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WWE gives an update on the health status of Bianca Belair | Superfights