Baseball pitcher did a backflip after striking out a batter and giving his team the win

A match of university in was the scene of a rarely seen moment: an incredible stunt by a player to celebrate the triumph of the who, after losing the first duel 2-6, defeated the 11-1 and 3-1 on consecutive days to win the series.

In a shared on for the account , the Portland pitcher who sealed his team’s victory had no better idea than to celebrate by performing an impressive backflip. At the height of the ninth inning, the Pilots led 3-1 with two outs and no runners on base.

Standing on the mound to wrap things up, Peter Allegro, 5-foot-7, threw a fast ball to shatter BYU’s last hope of victory. After striking out the batter and taking the series, the baseball player performed a somersault that left more than one speechless.

According to the portal , Allegro took a few steps off the mound, tossed his glove onto the field and did a backflip in front of his opponents. The Pilots are 14-5 so far this year and quietly position themselves as contenders for the West Coast Conference (WCC) title.

The backflip of a pitcher to celebrate the victory of his team

How does baseball work?

The , also called baseball or base ball, is a team sport played between two teams of nine players each. Its main objective is to hit a small round ball with a bat so that it travels across the field and one runs along it with the aim of reaching as many bases as possible. When a player completes a full lap of the field and returns to the base from which he batted, he gets a run, the website says. .

What is a baseball in Spanish?

Baseball or baseball, details the , is a sport in which players have to go through certain positions or bases of a circuit, in combination with the launch of a ball from the center of said circuit. It comes from the English voice baseballadapting to Spanish with two accents, both valid.

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Baseball pitcher did a backflip after striking out a batter and giving his team the win