Vince Russo criticizes Rhea Ripley’s rude change on Raw

Rhea Ripley could not bear to lose a new opportunity for the WWE Women’s Couples Championship and betrayed Liv Morgan once they lost to Sasha Banks and Naomi last night in Monday Night Raw. He attacked her from behind and then took her to the canvas and continued hitting her to finally apply his shot and leave her on the string. “The Nightmare” is rude again, as it was in NXT UK and NXT.

► Vince Russo and the change of Rhea Ripley

We can understand this change in the Australian fighter thinking that It had been a long time since he was in no man’s land as a technique or that the red mark needed a first level rude with Becky Lynch; Someone who would also position herself as a contender for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship to also allow her rivalry with the Irish to rest. What other options were there?

  • Alexa Bliss is absent and is seen as a technician internally
  • Doudrop is missing
  • Sonya Deville is more manager than fighter
  • Carmella and Queen Zelina are rivaling each other
  • Tamina has her own story with Akira Tozawa
Bianca Belair as Raw Champion

But still Vince Russo does not understand the change of Rhea Ripleyas explained in Legion of RAW.

“As we look back, Nikki Cross turned on Rhea Ripley. So at that time, just a month ago, Ripley was the technique. Now for no reason Ripley’s making the switch. there is no pattern. There’s no rhyme or reason. What about Rhea Ripley just saying to Liv Morgan, ‘You know what? You are costing me money. Every time I lose a match, you’re costing me money. What’s up with that?. But do one thing one week to do another the next week. And again, against people who don’t matter. no one cares liv«.

Rhea Ripley betrays Liv Morgan on Raw (04/18/2022)
Rhea Ripley betrays Liv Morgan on Raw (04/18/2022)

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Vince Russo criticizes Rhea Ripley’s rude change on Raw