Vince Russo thinks WWE should pair Baron Corbin with an attractive woman

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Few of the current superstars of WWE have changed so much register in as little time as Baron Corbin. And it is that, since he made his debut in NXT with his character as “Lone Wolf”, the fighter has undergone several transformations, from his role as “The Constable” to his current role as JBL protégé. … Read more

Vince Russo strongly criticizes Triple H’s booking on Monday Night RAW

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Since the arrival of Triple H as Content Director of WWE, the company has experienced a change of sensations regarding the last stage of Vince McMahon as brain of operations. One of the products that had the greatest momentum was Monday Night Raw with the sudden growth of the audience. Despite taking into account the … Read more

Vince Russo Confirms He Has Worked With USA Network For The Past Two Years

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In the late 1990s, during the most successful years of the Attitude Era, Vince Russo was the head writer for WWF. However, since leaving the company, the well-known creative has been very critical of the product WWE. Yesterday, in a video uploaded to his youtube channel With excerpts from his podcast, Russo revealed that he … Read more

Vince Russo discusses Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s loss on WWE RAW

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After the team of Alexa Bliss Y Asuka they have lost their chance in the tournament for the women’s tag team championships, they consoled each other and this would not have pleased former writer and former promoter Vince Russo, These were his criticisms. Vince Russo criticizes the defeat of Alexa Bliss and Asuka in RAW … Read more

Vince Russo praises the work of Becky Lynch and Asuka in RAW and MITB

Vince Russo praises the work of Becky Lynch and Asuka

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo recognized the athletic quality of ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ Asuka Y ‘Big Time Becks’ Becky Lynch after their struggles in Money in the Bank and in the Red Mark, RAW. The two former Champions had high-caliber fights on Saturday and Monday Although Vince Russo stated on Sportskeeda’s ‘Legion of … Read more

Vince Russo assures that Cody Rhodes will not increase WWE ratings | Superfights

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we recently learned Yes WWE wants to sell out tickets for both nights of WrestleMania 38, you should sell around 70 thousand between now and the weekend of the big event. A complicated task, although there are incentives for the general public. Especially, following the announcement of the presence of stonecoldwho is rumored could do … Read more