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One of the programs that continues to offer the most quality content on a weekly basis is the new format of this NXT 2.0. One way or another you have to acknowledge the hard work of Vince McMahon to connect these fighters with the fans. WWE made a strong bet and he has a future with Duke Hudson, Von Wagner, Bron Breakker, Joe Gacy …

Faced with this massive arrival of talent created in the Performance Center, there are many of the old guard fighters who must change their style to continue achieving things in WWE. An example is Pete Dunne, the fighter has been stagnant for months without fighting for the championship and now his partner Ridge Holland is uploaded to the main roster with everything he’s done on NXT.

Not only does this situation happen with people like Pete, Kyle or for example Adam Cole who left because of the few creative ideas with his role on the main roster. The Legacy of the Phantom who ranks as one of the best NXT stables had it all to be drafted to Raw or SmackDown. The figure that the WWE wants to show of the Latinos has been made in Santos Escobar, but it is still in NXT.

On the last Wrestling Observer Radio during the NXT recap, Dave meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the status of Santos Escobar with NXT. Alvarez said:

“I am watching this game and I am thinking [que] all they want is a Hispanic superstar who can speak English, and Santos Escobar is a hard worker, he’s a handsome boy and he can speak English and he’s stuck here. “

For his part, Dave Meltzer answered the following:

“Yeah, that’s what they signed him for and then obviously …” Álvarez asked why he’s still on NXT because he’s literally everything WWE wanted in a Hispanic superstar. Álvarez said: “I guess he’s not 7 feet tall, but he’s not 5’2”, “he’s not big and he’s not young.” Escobar is 37 years old.

Escobar in a recent interview showed interest in having a feud within WWE against Bloodline. But Vince’s idea of ​​having physical prodigies on the roster may slow his rise. Somehow they will continue to push this new NXT and now that Santos lost his opportunity, aspire to something bigger.

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