Raw: Jeff Hardy defeats Sheamus and goes to Extreme Rules

On the most recent edition by Raw, presented by Wwe, and in the seventh fight of the evening, Jeff Hardy faced Sheamus looking for a win, because if he won, he was going to be added to the Sheamus vs. Damian Priest for the latter’s United States Championship at the 2021 Extreme Rules PPV.

The fight began with Sheamus attacking Jeff in the corner after a referee take and then taking him to the canvas, where Jeff with clamps around his neck freed himself and there was a good exchange of keys and counter keys. Moments later, Hardy took Sheamus to the corner and there he recovered and punched him several times.

► Now there is triple threat in Extreme Rules 2021

With elbows, Jeff threw Sheamus out of the ring, but the Irishman threw him on his back against the skirt of the ring and sent him to the ground with a bow around his neck before going to commercials.

Upon returning to action, Sheamus and Hardy fought while the monarch watched at the commentary table. Hardy applied a projection to Sheamus to throw him against the canvas and then he jumped from the second rope with a Plank that gave him cover in two seconds.

Sheamus blocked the Twist Of Fate, but then Jeff tripped him face-to-face against the corner guard, although the Irishman kicked him in the face. Sheamus started to bleed from his nose, but still, he dived from the corner with a Super Bow for a two-second count.

Sheamus lifted Hardy and he freed himself, but then Sheamus gave him a Knee to the face that gave him a count in two seconds. Hardy kicked Sheamus in the abdomen and surprised him with a Twist Of Fate and then launched himself with his Senton from the corner, but was received by Sheamus’ knees. Although he was immediately surprised and won the fight so that the title fight in the PPV is now a Triple Threat.

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus Raw September 20, 2021

The Irishman was quite angry about what happened and went to the blows with Priest, who took more advantage of the collision until the referees managed to separate him from the beating he was giving Sheamus. But Sheamus took advantage and he threw him into the ring, there he gave him a few good blows until Priest took him out of the ring with a tie around his neck and they cut the segment.

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