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In the penultimate fight of Survivor Series 2021, Randy orton and Riddle they faced Hey use and Jimmy Uso as Raw Tag Team Champions and SmackDow Tag Team Championsn, respectively, with the intention of determining which of the two main brands of Wwe has a better team reigning, with victory for RK-Bro, who incidentally, it was a milestone for Orton by becoming the fighter with the most appearances in a PPV with 177.

RK-Bro – WWE Raw

Similarly, Natalya also set a record at the female level, being the wrestler with the most appearances in a WWE PPV with 68.

► Randy Orton and Natalya achieved an important milestone in Survivor Series

The Guinness Book of Records turned to your official Twitter account this Monday to congratulate the two superstars on their achievements, recognizing the milestones recently achieved. Here’s the press release that also included a brief analysis of Randy Orton and Natalya’s careers.

“Professional wrestling is hereditary to two of the oldest wrestlers in WWE.

Randy Orton (USA), part of the RAW Tag Team Champion couple alongside Riddle, is a third generation superstar who made his wrestling debut in 2000. Fast forward 21 years and has appeared in a record 177 PPV events, beating Kane’s previous record for most WWE (men’s) PPV appearances.

There’s not much that Orton hasn’t done in WWE. He is a Grand Slam champion (which means he won the WWE Championship, the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the Couples Championship at least once), he won the Royal Rumble twice, and he won the Money in the Bank one time.

The ‘Apex Predator’ headlined two separate WrestleMania events: WrestleMania 25 against Triple H and WrestleMania 30 against Daniel Bryan and Batista. He has also been involved in several iconic wrestling groups, including Evolution and The Authority, and fought some of the biggest names in professional wrestling, including John Cena, Edge, Cody Rhodes, and Brock Lesnar.

His signature move is the RKO, which is actually his initials in real life, and he was the subject of popular memes on the Vine video app in 2014.

Natalya has set the record for the most WWE PPV appearances (at the women’s level) with 68 after her traditional 5v5 Survivor Series elimination match. Her team of Smackdown superstars lost to their Raw counterpart. She is the daughter of Jim Neidhart and the niece of iconic wrestling brothers Bret and Owen Hart.

Like fellow superstar Orton, she also made her wrestling debut in 2000 before joining WWE in 2007. Natalya is a former Divas Champion, Smackdown Women’s Champion, and Tag Team Champion.

Before her retirement in 2017, Natalya was also seen occasionally on screen with her husband TJ Wilson. He is credited with coaching current and future superstars, including former UFC champion Ronda Rousey. She has also appeared on every series on Total Divas, a spinoff reality show about the lives of superstars outside the wrestling ring. “

Natalya - WWE Raw
Natalya – WWE Raw

Definitely, There is not much to add to the illustrious career that Randy Orton and Natalya have had in WWE, and that will surely lead them to the Hall of Fame one day. We also join in congratulating both fighters for these new milestones reached in Survivor Series.

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Randy Orton and Natalya Milestones Recognized by Guiness Book of Records | Superfights