MLB’s juicy postseason proposal

Negotiations for the season 2022 of the Major League Baseball – MLB are taking place and among those issues is the possibility of having some Extended playoffs and certain new things that are not yet defined.

The MLB office has as a proposal to play some expanded Playoffs, being 14 teams and this is undoubtedly an issue that is being discussed as much intensity to reach the annual collective agreement between the league and the Players Association for the season 2022 Major League Baseball.

What would those playoffs be like?

The new format would require 14 teams, seven from each league, to reach the Playoffs, four more than currently playing in October. The three division winners in each would join four wild card teams to form the big picture in the “Promised Land.”

  • The team with the best record in each league would earn a berth to the best-of-five divisional series.
  • The remaining two division winners could choose their wild card opponent from the last three wild card teams. The division winner with the second best record would pick first, then the seeded third in the league would pick their opponent from the bottom two wild card teams. The wild card team with the best record would play the wild card team that was not chosen by a division winner.
  • Once the matchups are set, the top-ranked teams would host all three games in a best-of-three wild card round.
  • Winners in the wild card round would advance to the division series and the playoffs would continue as they have in the past.

According to ESPN, the outlook is not entirely clear in this proposal for an expanded Playoffs, as players argue that it could discourage teams from spending and / or pressing for more wins knowing that they could reach the postseason with, about 80 to 83 wins wins.

The Playoffs proposal has been on the table for months as the parties negotiate a new collective agreement, which expires at midnight on December 1.

With information from Jesse Rogers / ESPN.

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MLB’s juicy postseason proposal