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During the last hour it has been the company itself that has left new wwe news. The company itself has explained that there are two new fights scheduled for tonight on the blue WWE SmackDown brand. So here we leave you the preview of the WWE program that attracts the most audience.

WWE SmackDown Preview April 29, 2022

Intercontinental Championship Defense

It is time for Ricochet to have the prominence that he has always claimed. In the event that he can lose the title, there is a Jinder who was a world champion and who is having a hard time returning to his highest level. But now he is launching open challenges so that any brand fighter has the need and ability to challenge him.

Where’s Butch?

It is the big question that the WWE universe asks. In a hurtful way he abandoned his gang that was in the middle of the ring. So much so that it has been seen as his second consecutive defeat has led him to make difficult decisions such as searching for his origin, leaving his group alone. Both Sheamus and Ridge Holland will be looking for their partner.

Lacey’s new promo

It will be seen if Lacey has a new role now that she continues to develop her character. It will be interesting to see where they end up taking their promos and who their first opponent will be.

Performance of the champions in pairs

Now that everything is at stake and they have beaten the challengers, there is no one stalking their championships. It will be necessary to see what is the next step that can indicate the step of these new champions who feel more confident than ever with Sasha Banks and Naomi.

Challenge “Beating the clock”

A test for women who will have a fight that will only be won with the word I surrender. In fact, a challenge that will leave the fight open in the next PPV in a challenge to overcome in the shortest possible time. Rumors indicate that it may be Drew Gulak himself annihilated by both in the previous two weeks.


The perfect opportunity for Sami to be compensated if he can escape the cage. With that stipulation, this fight between the two is played inside a steel cage. Drew is tired of seeing how his opponent is not able to face his destiny. The Claymore kick is looking for his face.

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Previous WWE SmackDown April 29, 2022 – Planet Wrestling