Previous WWE Raw January 31, 2022 – Planet Wrestling

We start the week with one of the main shows of the company as it is the red mark of WWE RAW, and in PLANET WRESTLING, your WWE website, we leave you the preview of the program with all the information of what they will offer tonight.

Preview WWE RAW of January 31, 2022

New Alpha Academy test

A new test between the two teams fighting for the championships in pairs. In the first test the victorious faces came out in the Chad Gable test in addition to the victory individual of the viper. It is time for Riddle to choose a new test as the competition dictates

New horizons for The Man

The WWE Raw red brand champion is clear. There is no woman who can take the title from her. He has proven to have the strength and the capacity to oppose any risk situation in his reign. This is how Becky has managed to retain her championship and it goes directly to the great event against, it is not yet known.

Bobby Lashley Celebration

The new champion of the company. The truth is that his victory has been tarnished by the intervention of the tribal chief. But as a popular phrase goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In such a way that the most benefited has been the fighter who has been at the top of the brand since 2021.

Arrival of Shane McMahon

It seems clear that we will have a time to go back in time with the arrival of Shane. The one who was general manager and will create Raw Underground returns to offer a new episode of his character within the company. It seems that the last thing has not been in Royal Rumble, his arrival at the great event is expected.

Arrival of Ronda Rousey

The winner of the battle royale has a very important decision to make. So much so, that unknowns arise when thinking about the right one to reach the top of the division. His return has been an earthquake in every way, and be Becky in the fight that has never been given or Charlotte who eliminated at the last moment, her return to the great event is expected.

Brock Lesnar chooses opponent

WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar It is clear that it is the best of the entire company. This is demonstrated when he was the only one left standing in the last real battle held less than 48 hours ago. His decision is made, it is most likely that it is Roman Reigns who made him lose his fight against Bobby Lashley.

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Previous WWE Raw January 31, 2022 – Planet Wrestling