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During the last week we have seen the disconnection between a team in pairs of the blue mark WWE SmackDown. WWE news In this regard, they indicate that this couple may have problems for the future after seeing it during several weekly programs.

Possible break in the main event

One of the great mergers during the middle of this year has been the union of Madcap Moss and WWE wrestler Baron Corbin. A couple of fighters who looked like they could fight on the scene for tag team titles. A long-term project that can end your marriage.

A few months ago with the arrival of the draft it was announced as a great acquisition of the most important brand. A fighter who had been out of the independent scene for more than a year due to injury. His role during these months has been to accompany Corbin on his adventures.

A funny man with a great sense of humor but who ends up getting all the bad stuff. His various matchups with several major fighters on the roster It has caused the anger of part of the locker room. In the last starting opportunity he was eliminated by Corbin.

Something that seemed to be the beginning of their breakup but that ended in nothing. The next day they appeared together celebrating again the Happy Talks joint program where the protagonist was the sword from WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre.

At the end he entered to claim what was his and they ran out of the ring. In the end it was the intervention of both to be able to escape from the hands of their most direct rival. In the end Corbin launched an open challenge to his enemy but where he aimed at Madcap Moss leaving a fight for the next monthly event.

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Possible breakdown of a tag team on WWE SmackDown – Planeta Wrestling